Zyllem And Infor Partner To Digitise Logistics Value Chain Across ASEAN

Zyllem And Infor Partner To Digitise Logistics Value Chain Across ASEAN
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Zyllem, a specialist in last-mile logistics distribution networks and Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialised by industry, has partnered to digitise and optimise logistics value chains across ASEAN.

The collaboration will see Infor leverage Zyllem’s SaaS-based distribution platform for Infor Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), including key verticals such as retail, logistics and distribution. This will empower Infor’s clients to integrate their distribution and supply chains seamlessly, with end-to-end visibility and control across their networks.

According to Noam Berda, Founder and CEO at Zyllem, “Our company has spent the past three years building and perfecting a SaaS-based distribution platform with our customers to meet the evolving needs of enterprises. This has equipped them to gain full visibility of their own and/or 3PL fleet, optimise their routes, reduce costs by an average of 30 percent, while delivering on short lead times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Over the next six months, Infor and Zyllem will connect with major distributors in the market to share their vision of the future logistics and supply chain market. We’re glad to have found a partner who share our vision and are committed to bringing change to a market that is ripe for innovation.”

Disrupting the Last Mile Logistics Market

This partnership is especially significant as it comes at a time when the global COVID-19 crisis has unearthed new fragments and vulnerabilities across the logistics and supply chain sector. In Southeast Asia, organisations have been disrupted by manpower challenges, service suspensions and inventory backlogs, with many deliveries delayed by weeks; even months when the crisis was at its peak. Even pre-crisis, the advent and rapid evolution of e-commerce had brought about a massive uptick in delivery demand, with consumers seeking higher levels of service and convenience. This has weighed particularly heavily on last mile delivery chains — a growing US$11.9 billion market that is now proving ripe and ready for disruption.

This partnership aims to digitise and optimise the enterprise loigsitics value chain so as to deliver intelligent tracking and insights for customers. Go-to-market plans include account mapping, joint marketing and webinars targeting end users.

“We continue to see an uptick in appetite for industry-specific SaaS solutions in Southeast Asia, and are committed to partnering with Zyllem to bring innovation and a competitive edge to businesses in this age of digital disruption,” said Fabio Tiviti, Vice President of Infor ASEAN.

“As businesses consider their digital capabilities and focus on resilience in this pandemic, Infor has the deep industry expertise and a agile deployment methodology to help get them onto the cloud quickly and enable their business with the right tools.”


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