Zebra Technologies Brings Real-Time Inventory Visibility To PT MAP’s Retail Network

Zebra Technologies Brings Real-Time Inventory Visibility To PT MAP’s Retail Network
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Singapore: Zebra Technologies Corporation and ACS Group, a solutions provider of barcode, RFID, and mobility technologies, has announced that PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk (PT MAP) has selected Zebra’s solutions to gain real-time visibility into its inventory and drive customer satisfaction.

As the leading lifestyle retail conglomerate in Indonesia, PT MAP has the broadest retail network of malls and stores in Indonesia, with a very diverse product portfolio spanning across fashion, multi-brand department stores, children’s apparel, sports equipment, food and beverage franchises, and other lifestyle products. The company employs more than 20,000 employees and operates more than 2,000 retail stores in 69 cities.


PT MAP worked closely with ACS Group, a Zebra Premier Solutions partner, to select a solution that improves staff productivity and inventory control throughout its supply chain by deploying the MC55 mobile computer and RFD5500 RFID sled at the front of store, and MC3200 mobile computer in the warehouse.

With the MC55, PT MAP has reported an increase in staff productivity, as well as better inventory control at its retail stores. Relying on barcode scanning, employees no longer perform manual updates or entries into the system when they replenish goods in the front of store from the back of the store – reducing the chance of stock-out or overstock, as the real-time visibility into inventory enables them to restock goods only when required.

PT MAP has also deployed RFID technology at their fashion outlets, pairing Zebra’s RFD5500 RFID sled with the MC55 mobile computer. Store associates can easily scan the location of items, read RFID data, and scan barcodes seamlessly. The efficiency and effectiveness of real-time tracking and tracing have driven time-savings for PT MAP employees, as well as to boost customer satisfaction as store associates are able to locate stock quickly and accurately.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, PT MAP’s employees can collect data accurately and quickly with the MC3200 at every stage of the supply chain, leading to better inventory management, as planners and managers are able to keep track of the volume of goods that are being received or shipped out each day. This has ensured that suitable levels of inventory are available in the stores at any time, which has helped the company to keep its customers satisfied.

PT MAP has reported low downtime with Zebra’s devices and enjoy the responsive after-sales support under Zebra’s OneCare services.

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