UnaBiz Honored as Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Asia-Pacific Company of the Year in the Internet of Things Solutions Industry

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UnaBiz Honored as Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Asia-Pacific Company of the Year in the Internet of Things Solutions Industry

UnaBiz, Massive Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and integrator has been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2023 Asia-Pacific Company of the Year in the Internet of Things solutions industry. This top honor recognizes UnaBiz as “A Trailblazing Market Leader” and commends its unwavering commitment to driving excellence and innovation in the rapidly growing IoT space.


UnaBiz Frost and Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan’s distinguished awards are the result of an exhaustive analytical process wherein multiple nominees from each category undergo a rigorous evaluation based on best practices. The criteria are spread across two dimensions, and UnaBiz has consistently showcased its prowess, emerging as a leader in many of these criteria within the Internet of Things solutions sector.

Rubini Kamal, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan said, “UnaBiz has earned a sterling reputation supporting its customers’ paths toward their objectives by facilitating the best-suited solutions for their unique needs… The company’s extensive domain knowledge acquired over the years, exceptional technological capabilities, customer-centric business strategy, and proven track record of successful IoT solution deployments favorably position it as a preferred partner.”

Henri Bong, the CEO and Co-Founder of UnaBiz said, “This award serves as both an affirmation of our efforts and a reminder of our responsibility to lead with purpose, innovation, and dedication. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, clients, and dedicated team members for their trust and support, without which such recognition would not be possible. UnaBiz remains committed to helping our customers and partners overcome the challenges of Massive IoT through the acceleration of technology convergence and providing unparalleled solutions that meet our customers’ business and sustainability objectives.”

Further spotlighting UnaBiz’s recent strides and its collaborative spirit that defines its success, Kamal added, “Adopting a non-adversarial approach, UnaBiz leverages its deep understanding of various business verticals and collaborates with a range of internal and external shareholders to build successful use cases… The company’s recent acquisition of Sigfox, one of the industry-leading unlicensed LPWAN standards, and continued investment in research and development to drive down costs, enhance its capabilities, and promote sustainable solutions, is a testament to its leadership.”

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