Tribecar Electrifies Its Fleet, With Support From Charge+


Tribecar aims to electrify its fleet, with support from Charge+’s nationwide EV charging network

Tribecar, Singapore’s largest Car-Sharing platform and Charge+, a leading electric vehicle charging operator serving Southeast Asia, signed a collaboration agreement. Tribecar, with over 1,300 vehicles, plans to electrify its car-sharing fleet and tap on Charge+ as a powerful enabler with its extensive EV charging network across the island.


From L to R: Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+, and Adrian Lee, Co-Founder of Tribecar, in front of Tribecar vehicles at a Charge+ EV charging station
From L to R: Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+, and Adrian Lee, Co-Founder of Tribecar, in front of Tribecar vehicles at a Charge+ EV charging station

Charge+ is on track to grow its EV charging network to 1,000 charging points by  the end of 2022. This rollout includes fast chargers, which at a power rating of 120kW, are the fastest public charging network in Singapore. In addition, Charge+ is the only EV charging company in Singapore today that has comprehensive EV charging operations across public housing, condominiums, shopping malls and office buildings. This pervasiveness brings added convenience to Tribecar users and eliminates any range anxiety arising from renting an EV.

“The collaboration with Charge+, a key player in the proliferation of EV charging in Singapore, further solidifies our leading position to drive sustainable mobility in Singapore’s car-sharing space. We can now speed up our electrification plans and strengthen our users’ adoption of EV mobility options by leveraging on Charge+’s extensive EV charging network in the heartlands to improve the overall experience for our customers. A shared mission to advance the state of sustainable mobility in Singapore is what made this an even greater fit for us.” said Adrian Lee, Co-Founder of Tribecar.

“In line with our mission to catalyse electric mobility in Singapore, Charge+ has been playing an instrumental role in spurring electrification in vehicular fleets. As fleets tend to have higher daily mileage, it is vital that fleet vehicles be at the forefront of electrification. Our partnership with leading car-sharing company Tribecar is a strong affirmation of how the pervasive EV charging network by Charge+ can spur EV adoption and make driving an EV convenient and hassle-free.” said Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+.

This collaboration will benefit members of Tribecar as they get to enjoy attractive charging rates from Charge+. In addition, Tribecar’s EVs in mileage-based categories will be deployed next to Charge+ charging points located in the carparks of many public housing towns. This allows for the ease of charging the vehicles when the vehicle is not on the move.

The cooperation will also see Tribecar promoting the use of Charge+ charging points to its users.

An immediate benefit of an electric fleet for Tribecar users is that they get to enjoy savings on energy costs. As compared to an ICE vehicle, they get to save at least 50% per km in fuel costs when they opt to pay for their own fuel. With Charge+, Tribecar hopes to promote the ease of using an EV charging point, right in the middle of the heartlands where their vehicles have always been deployed.

Tribecar and Charge+ apps are available for download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.





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