Tailor-Made Access

Tailor-Made Access
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Every application places different demands on the safety concept and the selection of safety solutions varies accordingly. Like, for example, safeguarding danger zones with safety gate systems. The options range from simple safety switches to modular safety gate systems. The latter allow not only tailored solutions, but also – with the appropriate expansions – combine safety and industrial security.

Movable guards offer a high degree of functional safety in the most varied applications. The focus here is on the protection of the worker against hazardous machine movements. Depending on whether it is a stand-alone machine or complex interlinked plants, a suitably tailored safety concept is required. If machinery has a hazardous overrun, guard locking will be important. If gates are accessible, an escape release is a must.



No chance for manipulation

Beyond protection of the person, the plant itself should also be protected – for example against manipulation. If the goal is to prevent workers from bypassing safety precautions to (seemingly) make their job easier, intuitive operating systems that are easy for the user to handle are a necessity. Solutions for industrial security are also becoming increasingly important. To ensure that only authorised persons are granted access to the application, modules for access authorisation can be integrated in modern safety gate systems.


Building block for securing safety gates

A modular safety gate system offers flexibility and decentralised intelligence to safeguard a wide range of applications. The individual solution is comprised of a combination of sensors, escape release, door handles and a control and pushbutton unit. Depending on the application, the user selects the appropriate safety gate sensor and combines this with the components required for their application in order to create their individual solution.

These sensors include the safety gate sensor PSENmlock. Thanks to safe interlocking and safe guard locking, it can be used for personnel and process protection up to the highest safety category PL e.


Smart diagnostics included

Combined with the diagnostic solution Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD), comprehensive diagnostics and status information is available that enables quick trouble shooting, thereby reducing downtimes. The SDD also enables safe series connection and at the same time the targeted actuation of individual sensors. Users can define which gates are allowed to be opened after switching off, for example if maintenance work is to be performed on a plant. Otherwise all safety gates connected in series would open at once when the unlock function is requested, which could lead to a restriction of the productivity.


Safety under control

In addition to the safety sensors, appropriate control elements complete the individual safety gate solution. PSENmlock handle modules have an expandable actuator and an integrated escape release. They can be flexibly installed on the inside or outside of the door and a locking insert prevents a restart of the machine. Accessible doors are optimally safeguarded.

The safety gate system is operated via a pushbutton unit. Pilz offers the pushbutton unit PITgatebox in various preconfigured versions with combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and E-STOP pushbuttons.


Access for authorised persons only!

The version of the PITgatebox with integrated reading unit PITreader is new for controlling access to plant and machinery. Users receive their individual authorisation on a coded RFID key and use this to authenticate themselves at the safety gate: The key is read out in the PITreader and access is granted with corre­sponding authorisation. Depending on the qualification and function of the employees, it is possible to ensure that only the correct group of people has access to the system. Commands such as machine stop, unlock, lock or reset the plant or machinery can be controlled following successful authentication. The machinery is thus optimally protected against incorrect operation or even manipulation.


Centrally managing authorisation

Particularly efficient authorisation management with PITreader is possible in combination with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2: the user can easily configure access permissions for machines and plants by dragging and dropping them in the corresponding PNOZmulti Configurator software. Even complex hierarchical permission matrices can be configured in the free user area. They are then transferred to the RFID keys using the reading unit PITreader.

With this type of modular system that combines safety gate monitoring and access control, individual safety gate solutions can be efficiently implemented. If the safety gate system with safe control technology from Pilz is used, this provides a safe complete solution: the result is a uniform safety system that combines safety and industrial security and at the same time contributes to higher productivity.








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