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ST Engineering has unveiled its brand new family of logistics automation solutions, STROBO, at the Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific conference (ITAP) last week.

Developed by ST Engineering’s team of engineers, the new logistics automation solutions are a part of the Group’s growing focus on delivering robust and cost effective customer solutions through innovative robotics and autonomous solutions. Through the new solutions, the company now offers a range of adaptable, scalable autonomous material handling equipment for the warehouse, airport, seaport and manufacturing industries.

Featuring a range of pallet trucks, stackers, tow tractors, forklifts and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks, the STROBO family of solutions is ideal for performing routine and repetitive material handling tasks. With advanced pallet detection and recognition capability, it can also  accurately pick and place cargo and is easily integrated into production, logistics and warehouse environments.

The open customisable platform agnostic autonomous system is a core capability that can be applied across industries. With a smart fleet management system, coupled with advanced indoor and outdoor navigation, localisation and environment sensing software, the STROBO equipment is easy to use and can be deployed with minimal set-up. Customers can look forward to seamless end to end workflow integration with existing management systems and achieve operational effectiveness.

To further its system software and hardware capabilities and enhance its value proposition to customers, ST Engineering will be signing several agreements with leading partners to augment its range of solutions.

One of these agreements is with BYD to integrate ST Engineering’s autonomous technology onto BYD’s platforms. This technical collaboration will allow both companies to create a robust and integrated autonomous material handling platform.

Another signing is a licensing agreement with Gaussin to manufacture, promote, distribute and market Gaussin’s PERFORMANCE ultra-fast charge fully electric Automated Guided Vehicle in Singapore.

Agreements with Siemens Postal Parcel and Airport Logistics, Caja, and Flexiv will also be signed to enhance solutions for logistics automation.

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