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Shell has launched carbon neutral driving for fleet customers in Singapore. Regional automotive group Komoco Holdings Pte Ltd is Shell’s first fleet customer to take part in this new programme. It allows Komoco Holdings to take its sustainability initiatives further and let their customers purchase new vehicles filled with fuel that is carbon neutral.

As part of Shell’s aim to be a one-stop-shop for customers’ mobility needs, the carbon neutral driving offer adds to a portfolio of products and services that Shell has developed for customers to avoid, reduce and offset emissions from their fleet.

With the Shell Card, fleet customers can also opt in to a range of mobility solutions, such as telematics and Shell Fleet Hub, to help them track fuel consumption and driving behaviours for better fleet planning and fuel efficiency.

In addition, Shell also recently announced electric vehicle charging at 10 locations islandwide to support fleet owners looking to incorporate electric vehicles into their business. Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group, has a network of more than 100 public and private charging stations in 50 locations across Singapore.

“Across the region and in particular Singapore, we see customers looking for smart ways to manage their fleet effectively. We offer fleet customers five key benefits – convenience, control, security, savings and sustainability. These solutions help our customers future proof their business by adopting innovative solutions at a faster rate whilst operating in a cost efficient and sustainable manner. As the fleet ecosystem continues to evolve, we aim to work closely with customers and relevant stakeholders to ensure that we bring the best possible offerings to spur the sector forward,” said Zain Hak, General Manager, Shell Fleet Solutions Asia.

“Komoco Holdings is delighted to support Shell’s carbon offset programme, given the clear synergy with our sustainability vision. Through this initiative and more, Komoco Holdings is committed to contributing productively in addressing climate change,” said Mr Teo Hock Seng, Executive Chairman, Komoco Holdings. “As a Group, we recognise that behavioural change takes time, and we also hope to encourage more drivers to do their part for the environment – one way is to actively adopt electric and hybrid vehicles so that we can move towards low to zero-emissions as a nation.”


How CO2 offsetting works

Once fleet customers opt into the programme, each time they refuel using the Shell Card, Shell tracks the fleet’s overall fuel consumption, calculates the associated lifecycle emissions1, and then purchases the quantity of carbon offset required for these emissions.

In the process, companies who opt in will support the protection and reforestation of forests that absorb carbon, contributing to nature-based CO2 reduction projects around the world.

CO2 offsetting is also available to fleet customers in countries including the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and Belgium.








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