Shanghai Electric Leadership Visits Siemens in Germany to Further Forge New Green, Low-Carbon Cooperation

Shanghai Electric

Shanghai Electric Chairwoman of the Board, Ms. Leng Weiqing recently visited Germany to hold talks with Christian Bruch, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Sustainability Officer of Siemens Energy AG to further deepen industrial cooperation and collaborative innovation and promote the transformation and development of low-carbon and high-quality energy. The meeting happened four months after Christian Bruch, the President, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Siemens Energy visited Shanghai Electric‘s headquarters.

Ms. Leng Weiqing, Chairwoman of Shanghai Electric, recently visited Siemens in Germany to Further Forge New Green, Low-Carbon Cooperation.Ms. Leng Weiqing, Chairwoman of Shanghai Electric, recently visited Siemens in Germany to Further Forge New Green, Low-Carbon Cooperation.

During the meeting, the development strategy and layout of Siemens Energy were succinctly presented by Mr. Bruch. Acknowledging Siemens Energy’s position as a world-leading energy technology company and renowned equipment supplier, Mr. Bruch highlighted their cutting-edge core technologies, encompassing water electrolysis for hydrogen production, smart grids, and offshore booster stations.


Siemens’s broad business scope encompasses gas-fired power generation, power transmission, wind power, and low-carbon industries. Under the global trend of low-carbonization, the energy sector holds significant potential. Siemens expressed great optimism and emphasized the importance of China’s dual-carbon market. As strategic partners, Shanghai Electric and Siemens aspire to seize opportunities for collaboration and transformation, seeking new avenues for practical cooperation across multiple domains. The aim is to expedite the promotion of green and low-carbon energy transformation, demonstrating their dedication to a sustainable future.

Ms. Leng Weiqing expressed her sincere gratitude to Siemens Energy, stating, “Shanghai Electric regards green and low-carbon as the focus of future development, and according to new track strategy, we are focusing on the layout of the four major new energy fields of wind, light, energy storage,, and hydrogen, while comprehensively promoting the development of green energy and low-carbon transformation. In the field of green technology, Shanghai Electric is accelerating the formation of core competitiveness through open cooperation and synergy. As a strategic partner who has cooperated sincerely for nearly 30 years, we hope to further deepen technical cooperation and talent exchanges with Siemens Energy, innovate cooperation models, and join hands with future-oriented development concepts, technological innovations, product portfolios, and solutions. Together we aspire to collaborate to build a new energy future, while fully committing to the realization of a fully decarbonized sustainable future for all.”

During the visit in Germany, Ms. Leng Weiqing and her delegation toured the Siemens Energy Transformers Factory, PEM Hydrogen Production Factory, Gas Turbine Factory, and Innovation Center. They engaged in further friendly discussions with Karim Amin, Executive Vice President and member of Siemens Energy Executive Committee, and gained valuable insights into Siemens’ energy industry development, R&D capabilities, as well as their efficient production organization and management models.

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