Safe Cable Guidance On The Robot With Retraction System

New retraction system for energy chains ensures fail-safe operation of robots in modern factories. Article by igus.

New retraction system for energy chains ensures fail-safe operation of robots in modern factories. Article by igus.

Welding, riveting, soldering: Industrial robots must work dynamically and quickly in production. Therefore, a safe and compact guidance of cables and hoses is required. This is where the three-dimensional triflex energy chains from igus are used. If the e-chains form loops in the work area of the robot, it can damage the cables and hoses as well as lead to machine failure. For this reason, igus has now developed the new low-cost TR.RSEL retraction system. The system guides the energy chain in a line on the robot, ensuring trouble-free and fail-safe operation.

Industrial robots for assembling vehicle parts in the automotive industry, for example, work with high rotations and many fast movements. Users rely on energy chains to ensure that cables for data, pneumatic and energy supply are safely guided on the robot. The triflex R e-chains from igus are very useful here because they are specially designed for industrial robotics and adapt to the three-dimensional movements of robots. However, with the growing diversity in automated production technology, it is necessary to guide not only electrical and pneumatic cables, but also hoses for bolts, rivets and screws. Since these hoses are not compatible with tight bend radii, a retraction system is required for the energy supply of the robot. For this reason igus has now developed a new, very cost-effective retraction system triflex RSEL for its energy chains. This ensures that the e-chain is kept as compact as possible on the robot arm. The system prevents the hanging energy supply system from affecting or blocking the movements of the robot, even in highly dynamic applications. In the worst case, looping would damage the energy chain, the cables and hoses inside it, leading to machine failure.



Cost-Effective And Easy To Retrofit Retraction System

Due to its standard dimensions and its very compact design, the new retraction system can be mounted directly on the 3rd axis of all common types of robots. This means that all existing triflex R series such as TRC, TRE and TRCF can be quickly and easily converted. The fixed end of the energy chain can be freely selected by the new system. Another advantage: by using the linear retraction system, the user saves additional cable length and associated costs, since no deflection is required. The triflex RSEL is available from igus as a variant with two elastomer bands in sizes 70 or 85.


Guide Data, Energy, Fluids And Air In A Very Tight Space

Guiding data and media in the tightest of spaces at high speeds is a major challenge for many users, for example in intralogistics. With the micro flizz, igus offers a compact energy supply system for travels up to 100 metres. It consists of an energy chain, flexible chainflex cables for tight bend radii and an aluminium guide channel. The micro flizz can now also be used with the new smart CF.D system. This monitors the data transmission characteristics of the cable in advance and promptly warns of a failure.

Narrow compact spaces and fast movement in lanes, such as in storage and retrieval units, are common usage scenarios for busbar systems. Their big disadvantage: they can normally only be used for energy transmission. In order to be able to supply not only energy but also data, fluids and air simultaneously in the horizontal and vertical directions, igus has developed the micro flizz energy supply system. With this, travel speeds up to 6 m/s and accelerations up to 4 m/s2 are possible. The micro flizz consists of a plastic energy chain that travels in an aluminium channel.

In addition to highly flexible chainflex control, data and motor cables for tight bend radii, the energy chain can also guide hoses as well as fibre optic cable with data rates of up to 10 GBit/s. Thanks to extensive testing in the in-house 2,750 square metre test laboratory, igus provides a guaranteed service life of 36 months on all chainflex cables. If the user wants to monitor the transmission characteristics of his used bus cable, igus now offers the option of using the intelligent CF.D system in the micro flizz. The smart plastics innovation detects changes to the transmission characteristics of the cable in advance and provides timely information about an essential replacement. Therefore maintenance is planned in advance and an unexpected shutdown is avoided.


Modular And Easy To Clean System

The main advantage of the micro flizz, in addition to the optional intelligent monitoring, is its special construction. Integrated “side wings” hold the chain firmly in the stretched condition at all times in a special groove in the upper and lower part of the channel. Together with plastic springs on the crossbars of the e-chain, they provide a soft and quiet rolling. This means the friction, wear, energy consumption and noise development are reduced significantly. Another advantage: Thanks to its modular design, the system is easily accessible and therefore easy to clean. Therefore, the use of the micro flizz is also ideal in the field of pharmacy and food production. The energy chain system is available in three different sizes depending on the diameter of the cables.







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