Plug & Print Coding & Marking System


A world first: Plug & Print coding & marking system –

just switch it on and start printing

Leibinger introduces groundbreaking innovation


Leibinger, the global innovation leader in coding & marking systems, introduced the world’s first intelligent coding & marking system – the IQJET – on May 3 in Düsseldorf, the day before the opening of the interpack trade show. The IQJET is ideally suited for the direct coding and marking of products and packaging. It can be used in the food and consumer goods sectors (FMCG), as well as for applications in the industrial sector. It promises “Plug & Print” performance and, as a result, unrivalled availability with consistently high print quality – without the need for cleaning. Requiring no scheduled maintenance for a full five years, the IQJET was designed to give manufacturers a transformed experience when working with Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ). Its operating costs are as much as 30% lower than conventional systems and it also excels in the increasingly important area of sustainability.  


“With the IQJET, we can now give our customers even more confidence – and serenity – that everything is working as it should 24/7 when they’re marking products. From the moment production begins: With the IQJET, it always runs smoothly and without any delays. You just plug it in and start printing – with absolute reliably. Plug & Print, as we say. The IQJET is so much more than just a CIJ printer. Our customers literally no longer have to worry about anything when coding and marking their products. And that’s a great feeling,” explains Christina Leibinger, CEO of Leibinger.


Simple integration

The new IQJET is equipped with four cutting-edge assistance systems. One of them is the SMART.OS operating system with its large 10” touch display. Numerous interfaces, including OPC UA and an integrated PLC, ensure easy integration into the production line. Operation is intuitive and can be mastered by anyone – without requiring any prior knowledge.


High availability

The IQPRINT technology ensures 100% reliable printing performance with consistent print quality. When not in use, the entire ink circuit, including the print nozzle, is sealed airtight and the ink continues to circulate. Thanks to IQPRINT, regular maintenance and printhead cleaning routines are entirely eliminated – and this greatly increases productive time.


The lowest consumption

The SMART.EFFICIENCY assistance system autonomously ensures that the IQJET’s operating costs are kept to a minimum – also with respect to resources and the environment. A few examples: The IQJET boasts the lowest consumption on the market, ~ 2.7 cc/h for MEK inks. Its exceptional reliability prevents unnecessary waste and production scrap. Ink cartridges are emptied down to the last drop and do not require separate disposal, as is often the case with conventional CIJ systems.


Five years without maintenance

Thanks to the intelligent SMART.CARE function, maintenance is virtually eliminated. The IQJET’s outstanding quality and reliability are based on the use of durable components, most of which are manufactured in Leibinger’s factory in Germany and subject to stringent quality controls. The system’s unique design does not require a continuously running feed pump, which minimizes wear and tear. As a result, maintenance is usually only required after five years.


“Leibinger is a family-run business and committed to made in Germany quality. Our specialized expertise and maximum vertical integration enable us to offer our customers added value in terms of higher productivity and system reliability. The IQJET embodies our extensive expertise aimed at providing our customers with a worry-free, cost-effective, sustainable solution,” concludes Leibinger.


An example of potential savings for industrial goods

Leibinger calculates the IQJET’s low operating costs using the example of printing on cables, pipes or wires in plastic extrusion. In this example, a producer – with 4,000 production hours per year and 250 prints per minute with 25 characters/print each – saves just under 9,000 euros in pure operating costs over five years compared with conventional CIJ printers. There is also significant savings potential thanks to reduced productivity losses. An operating cost calculator on Leibinger’s website highlights detailed savings potential.


Leibinger will be at the interpack show in Hall 8b at Stand D26, where the new IQJET will be presented in the Leibinger Innovation world.


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