OTSAW Digital Opens Global HQ


Development Of Advanced Robotic Technologies To Be Deployed Globally


OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd (“OTSAW”), a technology innovator which is at the forefront of robotic technologies and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, today opened its Global Headquarters at JTC Space @ Tampines North.  Mr. Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for Economic Policies was the Guest-of-Honour at the opening ceremony.



OTSAW first started its journey in Singapore and Silicon Valley back in 2015. OTSAW then embarked on a business strategy review in 2020 to identify opportunities in the robotics value chain with Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG’s) support. Today, its global team operates beyond Singapore to Boston and Munich.  The total staff strength is expected to increase to more than 100 employees in Singapore Headquarters alone.  Presently, OTSAW has direct customers in more than 20 countries with 600 over robots deployed worldwide. With EnterpriseSG’s in-market advisory and assistance, OTSAW will be looking to expand the deployment of its robotics solutions to more markets in EU and US.


Mr. Ling Ting Ming, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OTSAW, said: “The rate of change that I have seen over the last 5 years is something unprecedented. We are living in another paradigm shift and it is a different world today post pandemic. OTSAW has developed smart robotic solutions for multiple industries to help businesses boost productivity, reduce reliance on manpower and automate processes in the realms of Security, Delivery and Cleaning.  Our strong foundation in Software Development and Outdoor Autonomy will pave the way into the future with the next generation of robotics development which will help mitigate manpower shortages and rising wages.”


OTSAW’s Facilities at JTC Space


OTSAW’s Global Headquarters occupies 2 levels at JTC Space @ Tampines North with a floor area of approximately 20,000 sq. ft. This new facility houses OTSAW’s factory for final assembly of its range of robots.  The conducive space has enabled the company to increase its manufacturing capabilities by five folds.


The unit also houses an Experiential Centre which showcases the entire range of OTSAW’s products, including the very first O-R3 prototype that was launched in 2017.  The Global Fleet Management Centre (“FMC”) at the upper floor of the headquarters manages the day-to-day operation up-time and maintenance of its fleet of robots around the world.


Mr. Cheang Tick Kei, Director of Precision Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Cluster, JTC, said “Robotic manufacturers like OTSAW present exciting possibilities for Singapore’s urban environment. We are happy to support OTSAW’s growth journey by providing a platform to testbed pioneering technologies and scale up production in our industrial estates. We hope to foster a strong spirit of collaboration and allow innovations to flourish among our industry ecosystem.”


Range of Robotic Solutions


O-R3 was conceived to provide an autonomous robotic security solution to augment conventional security teams. In Singapore, O-R3 has been deployed to patrol the premises of the Science Park and CINTECH II. The robot has enhanced security operations, uses video analytics to detect anomalous inconsistencies and has provided optimal crime prevention.


For cleaning services, OTSAW’s range of Disinfection Ecosystem – O-RX, TREx and AirGuard come complete with UV-C LED technology which is more energy efficient, environmental-friendly and contains no hazardous residue compared to all chemical-based disinfectants.   OTSAW UV-C Disinfection System was developed to provide a comprehensive disinfection solution for indoor spaces.  The Autonomous Disinfection Robot – O-RX has been deployed in Wisma Atria since 2020.   The robot disinfects 4-storeys of retail space autonomously saving significant manpower for the establishment.


Camello, a last-mile delivery robot was developed to disrupt and transform the current logistical process.  Camello has a 100-litre compartment volume which can carry up to 20 kilograms and is also equipped with UV-C LED to prevent cross-contamination between different users.


Transcar, the Automated Guided Vehicle (“AGV”) for Material Transport is helping hospitals around the world improve efficiency and productivity.  OTSAW’s AGV solution is currently being deployed in over 41 hospitals around the world including 8 hospitals in Singapore.


Market for AMRs and AGVs


According to LogisticsIQ, the Global Autonomous Mobility Robots (“AMRs”) and AGVs are projected to reach US$18 billion by the year 2027.  The surge in the increase is due to a global paradigm shift where there is a shortage of manpower in labour-intensive jobs.


Mr. Ling Ting Ming added, “The demand for AMRs is gaining momentum and we intend to expand our Research & Development Centre by increasing to 30 employees.  With the strong growth in robotics, we are building the team and our presence globally to ride on this wave as we aspire to be a global leader in solving such issues.  Our target is to ramp up and deploy 1,000 robots around the world per year by 2024.  We have expanded our business to 3 continents and are focused on deploying more robots on the ground to accelerate the adoption of robots globally.”


For the future, OTSAW is looking to develop a black box for autonomous mobility called Odyssey, which will lower the skill barrier of entry for robotics development to allow the talent pool to grow, enabling the next generation of robotics and AI developers.


With this Global Headquarters, OTSAW is poised to expand its robotic technologies globally.  This will put OTSAW and Singapore on the map for technological advancements and artificial intelligence development.





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