Ngee Ann And LeapThought MoU


Polytechnic signed a memorandum of understanding with the software and deep tech solutions provider to co-develop and co-deliver an Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) curriculum

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) and LeapThought, a leading software and deep tech solutions provider whose Southeast Asia operation is headquartered in Singapore, have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to codevelop a curriculum for Integrated Digital Delivery solutions and construction management platforms for the institution’s School of Design & Environment (DE).

The partnership is among the first of several collaborations between DE and industry partners to promote digitalisation in the building industry through Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD).


As part of the partnership, LeapThought and NP will co-develop and co-deliver course materials for Year 2 and 3 modules such as Computer-Aided Design 3, Computer-Aided Design 4, and Architectural Practice in the Diploma in Design course. To give students the hands-on experience to develop proficiency, LeapThought will avail educational licenses for its flagship construction management platform, FulcrumHQ, to them without charge.

In addition, as part of developing its talent pipeline, LeapThought will work with NP to offer internships to selected final year students, as well as employment opportunities to graduates.

“Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Design & Environment has placed a strong focus on nurturing talent for the built environment, while LeapThought’s mission is to empower experts to design and build for the greater good through cutting-edge technology. By bringing together our areas of expertise, this partnership will allow students to acquire the relevant skill sets for the built industry,” said LeapThought’s Founder and CEO, Mr Ratnakar Garikipati.

Mrs Pang-Eng Peck Hong, Director of NP’s School of Design & Environment added, “The overarching theme in the built environment industry today is digitalisation and how we can tap on technology to improve quality flows in the areas of architecture, engineering as well as construction. By collaborating with LeapThought to co-create in the areas of Integrated Digital Delivery, this is another way Ngee Ann Polytechnic is delivering real-world learning to our students to enhance their career-readiness.”

Integrated Digital Delivery, or IDD, refers to the use of digital technologies to integrate work processes and connect stakeholders in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector and includes design, fabrication, as well as the operations and maintenance of buildings. IDD has been identified as one of the key thrusts in Singapore’s efforts to transform the construction industry.

LeapThought entered the Singapore market in 2017 and its solutions are widely used on construction projects of national significance by government and government-linked bodies, including the Land Transport Authority, Building Construction Authority, Housing Development Board, JTC Corporation, and SP Group, in the areas of computer aided design and IDD through its FulcrumHQ platform.





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