New Survey Finds that Taiwan Outpaces Rest of the World for Manufacturing AI Adoption

Profet AI releases its 1st State of AI in Manufacturing in Taiwan Report assessing the level of adoption of AI in the country’s manufacturing sector.

To successfully adopt AI in a manufacturing organization, it’s optimal to initially train domain experts in AI applications, as this empowers them to lead AI adoption across the entire workforce. These findings are part of a new report, “State of AI in Manufacturing in Taiwan 2024,” released by Profet AI, a Taiwan-based firm specializing in machine learning enterprise solutions for the manufacturing sector.

In a post-pandemic world, most manufacturers are experiencing unrelenting pressure to cut costs. Even though leaders widely recognize the potential of AI as a solution to this situation, many are still cautious with their adoption plans. According to the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 2030 Industrial AI survey, only about 29% of companies have incorporated AI initiatives into formal plans or strategies. This is in spite of the fact that 96% of manufacturers have plans to increase their AI investments.


Profet AI conducted this report to gauge the level of AI adoption and its integration into workflows across Taiwan’s manufacturing sector. These insights are based on findings of a survey carried out in October 2023, encompassing 160 manufacturers from 20 different industry verticals.

Key findings from the study include:

  • 76.2% of surveyed manufacturing companies in Taiwan have successfully implemented at least one AI case in the last year, a figure that surpasses the global average of 68%.
  • 80% of employees in Taiwan’s manufacturing organizations have reported that AI has benefited their work.
  • 83% of domain experts acknowledge the current and future benefits of AI in their workflow.
  • Companies have, on average, successfully tested and implemented AI in 26 cases per company.

Taiwan is a renowned leader in advanced manufacturing, producing over 60% of the world’s semiconductors and more than 90% of the most advanced ones. Because of this, the company believes the report’s insights to be beneficial to manufacturers worldwide.

“In our experience, the top companies in AI adoption in Taiwan are those who lay the crucial groundwork to nurture an AI-centric culture,” states Jerry Huang, CEO of Profet AI. “Due to the intense competitiveness of Taiwan’s ODM model, we have some of the global leaders in AI adoption and digital transformation, setting the standard for the rest of the country.”





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