Major Investment In Plain Bearings By Igus

More than 1,300 new plain bearing standard dimensions enable dry operation and cost reduction in various industrial sectors.

More than 1,300 new plain bearing standard dimensions enable dry operation and cost reduction in various industrial sectors.


Designers from various industries—automotive, food & packaging, to manufacturers of chemical plants and pumps—can find the igus dry running plain bearings for their application now even faster. With the increase from five to 16 full product range materials and 1,321 new standard dimensions, the plastics specialist now covers all conceivable demands on plain bearings that can be delivered immediately from stock.


With this investment, igus is responding to the tremendous advances made in its own development of new plain bearing materials. Due to the rapid market readiness, bearings made of the most suitable material were so far not always available from the appropriate dimension. This gap has now been closed by igus. All materials ideally suited for an application from a tribological standpoint can now be supplied from stock. The existing product ranges have been extended by eleven materials, so that for each material more than 110 dimensions up to 50 mm diameter will be available from stock. The DIN-listed dimensions are available in 16 tribo-materials. The user is therefore in a position, to order the ideal plain bearing for each individual application

The Best Bearing Immediately Available

In injection moulding, different moulds are required for the different materials even with identical dimensions. This new service, means the production of an injection mould for every dimension of this range. “With this investment, we want our customers to get their required plastic plain bearings in any quantity and at the best price,” said Gerhard Baus, authorised officer for plain bearings at igus. “Our goal is to be able to offer the most suitable iglidur plain bearing for every application immediately from stock.” In order to accurately determine the correct bearing for your application, igus offers a calculation tool on its website, after entering the parameters and dimensions, the expert system displays the appropriate products with their prices. The service life is calculated and the results are given for every material.

Result Of Continuous Research & Development

Among the 16 different full product range materials available now, there are, those such as the, high-tech polymer iglidur Q2 for heavy loads, or iglidur Z for extremely high temperatures. Three new FDA-suitable materials alone have been added which are especially suited for the packaging industry. All 16 materials are now offered in the standard dimensions DIN ISO 3547-1 up to 50 mm diameter. For DIN dimensions larger than 50 millimetres, the same strategy is followed; the moulds of these larger dimensions are produced when there is a specific requirement from the customer. Numerous materials—especially the previous standards iglidur G, J, W300, X and M250—are now also available from stock in diameters up to 150 millimetres.






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