Komatsu Leverages AWS To Drive Digital Transformation of Construction Sites Worldwide

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, has announced that Japanese multinational construction and mining equipment maker Komatsu Ltd. (Komatsu) has chosen AWS to power the company’s Digital Transformation (DX) Smart Construction solution to accelerate the digital transformation of construction sites worldwide. 

DX Smart Construction helps Komatsu’s customers connect and visualise the data generated throughout the entire construction process, enabling safe, highly productive, smart, and sustainable construction sites of the future. 

Komatsu is leveraging the breadth and depth of AWS capabilities, including containers, serverless, and database, to deliver a suite of DX Smart Construction features to customers in Japan, the US, and Europe. 

Improving productivity using digital technology has been challenging for companies in the civil engineering and construction industry, where the move to digitisation has been slow. 

To increase productivity on construction sites, Komatsu turned to AWS’s unmatched portfolio of cloud services to help the company’s developers around the world to collaborate quickly using the cloud. 

For example, the Smart Construction Dashboard feature of DX Smart Construction uses AWS to build a digital twin, which is a virtual representation of a construction site. 

The feature uses AWS to visualize the digital twin by connecting 3D geospatial data of the earth’s surface collected from drones with construction progress data collected by connected construction equipment and drones. 

Leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), a highly secure, reliable, and scalable way to run containers, Smart Construction Dashboard then overlays terrain data on this digital twin, enabling Komatsu’s customers to create construction plans and optimise the travel routes of vehicles required to transport earth and sand. 

Komatsu also offers the Smart Construction Retrofit Kit, an add-on solution powered by AWS that brings information and communications technology (ICT) capabilities to conventional construction equipment. 

With this kit, construction equipment operators can use a smartphone or a tablet to view 3D terrain data that reflects the construction status in real-time and enables them to perform independent civil engineering and construction work with a high degree of accuracy. 

Additionally, this kit helps customers better manage the operational progress of their construction sites from anywhere. 

This capability enables construction managers to adjust construction plans, including assigning tasks to workers in real time, and reducing the environmental impact of work sites by shortening the time required for large scale construction projects. 

“For 100 years, Komatsu has been providing a wide range of products and services to enable our customers to advance construction projects more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way without compromising on safety,” said Chikashi Shike, Executive Officer and President, Smart Construction Promotion Division, Komatsu.

“By using AWS as the foundation for DX Smart Construction, Komatsu is now able to digitally transform construction sites all over the world using the cloud,” added Shike.

“In Japan we have already helped customers digitize worksite operations at over 14,000 construction sites with Smart Construction, making sites more efficient and less labour intensive. We are looking forward to leveraging more advanced AWS cloud services, including machine learning, while also working with AWS Partners and the engineering community to innovate new ways of building together with our customers.”

“Komatsu is building innovative solutions on AWS which modernise a traditional industry to improve construction site productivity, sustainability, safety, and efficiency,” said Tadao Nagasaki, President of Amazon Web Services Japan.

“Komatsu is a great example of how the cloud can help customers build more intelligently for the future, and we look forward to helping Komatsu continue their transformation to improve productivity and safety by providing DX Smart Construction.”


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