Keysight Showcases New Solutions At Keysight World Singapore 2019

Keysight Showcases New Solutions At Keysight World Singapore 2019

Keysight Technologies showcased their solutions at the company’s largest annual event in Singapore – Keysight World Singapore on August 2, 2019.

In 2019 and beyond, 5G-enabled technologies have the potential to create major global technology shifts, leading to huge potential for industries worldwide. However, before this potential can be harnessed, the technologies must first be thoroughly tested. Keysight recognises and addresses these critical testing needs by delivering breakthrough solutions and trusted insights in electronic design, test, manufacturing, and optimisation.

“In today’s global economy, success demands an integrated and agile approach to innovation. Delivering the next big thing requires the perfect blend of inspiration, technology, solutions, and partners from around the world,” stated Donna Majcen, vice president of global marketing at Keysight. “That’s the driving idea behind Keysight World. It brings together Keysight thought leaders, technological advances, breakthrough design/test/optimisation strategies, and leading-edge solutions on a global scale to inspire, enable, and accelerate the realisation of innovation.”


Keysight 5G Test Solutions

In this current era of 5G and satellite communications, complex test set-ups and path losses in over-the-air test environments are crucial concerns for the commercial and aerospace defense industries.

Keysight recognises this need by developing the M9384B VXG Microwave Signal Generator – the first of its kind globally. M9384B delivers an optimised 5G NR test system setup by leveraging dual-channel 44 GHz vector signal generation with up to 2 GHz RF modulation bandwidth. Other key benefits of this product include low OTA test system path loss and an accelerated product development through integration with Keysight’s PathWave Signal Generation Software.

When it comes to performing in-building field measurements for where accuracy of the measurement location is crucial, field technicians, engineers and managers often spend more time manually adding markers on floorplans than the actual troubleshooting.

To this end, Keysight showcases Nemo Handy, an Android-based handheld drive test tool that allows users to efficiently measure wireless diagnostics information of air interface and mobile application quality-of-service (QoS) and quality-of-experience (QoE). With its automated location mapping feature, it is ideal for performing measurements such as 5G NR networks in both outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces, while being simultaneously used as a regular mobile phone.

Automotive Cybersecurity

There are more connected cars in production and on the road than ever before, and these provide fertile ground for hackers to exploit potential vulnerabilities from inside or outside the vehicle. Keysight recognises that automotive cybersecurity needs to be part of product development from the beginning, throughout the development life cycle, as well as post sales.

To address this need, Keysight has announced the Automotive Cybersecurity Program, a comprehensive solution that consists of integrated hardware, software, and services. Functions include connecting to the device under test (DUT) via all relevant interfaces (e.g. Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, USB), attack simulation, reports on vulnerability, DUT-specific regression testing and enterprise-level management of testing.

Data Center & Telecommunications

Today’s electronic and communications systems have become more complex requiring next generation test and measurement. Design cycles are shorter, compliance is more difficult to test and pass, as the limits of existing technology are reached. In terabit and optical research, achieving next-generation technology breakthroughs can be difficult with limited test equipment to verify designs.

Keysight’s UXR-Series Real-Time Oscilloscopes solve these pain points by providing customers with low noise floor and high vertical resolution to ensure measurements are not impacted by oscilloscope noise and signals are represented accurately. As a result, eye diagrams are significantly more open, and true margins and performance can be determined.

As the speed of double date rate (DDR) technology increases, engineers face new design and validation challenges. Design error margins decrease, and signal integrity becomes challenging to maintain.

Keysight’s DDR5 testing solution addresses these issues – it is first in market to offer a comprehensive solution approach, which includes a new receiver, transmitter, and protocol test solutions. This will enable the ability to perform all test requirements in the DDR5 design specification, while providing the lowest noise and jitter floor to allow the most accurate measurement with highest margins.

Network Visibility

Today’s network and security operations teams are faced with increasing data volumes and velocity that are exceeding human scale – to manage the security and monitoring of these highly distributed environments effectively is an impossible feat.

Vision X from Ixia, a Keysight Business, provides the solution to this challenge. By acting as an access point between the data on the network and the security and monitoring tools, Vision X extracts data from the network and as a broker, it distributes the relevant data to the relevant tools – thus affording businesses visibility and security coverage to business assets.








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