Kaspersky joins Malaysia IoT Association to drive Cyber Immunity awareness in South East Asia


Kaspersky joins Malaysia IoT Association to drive Cyber Immunity awareness in South East Asia

Kaspersky has been welcomed as the member of the Malaysian Internet-of-Things Association (MyIoTA), with a mission to contribute to the better cyber resilience of IoT companies in the region. The association is a national-level organization, founded by a group of private sector individuals and companies, passionate and involved in IoT value chain in Malaysia and Southeast Asia (SEA).

The association works closely with the Malaysian Digital and Economy Corporation (MDEC), driving the digital economy in the country, which aspires to be the digital hub of SEA. Malaysia is expected to lead growth of region’s digital economy, predicted to reach $US 1 trillion by 2030 driven by e-commerce, food delivery, online media, health, education, and financial technology (fintech).


Kaspersky’s MyIoTA membership aims to help unite hundreds of organizations dealing with digitalization and partners with other IoT associations in the region, and will allow them to communicate with relevant local market players, understand their concerns and needs in order to define solutions and technologies in demand and offer the most relevant to the market.

As a global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky aims to share its technological vision with local business and IT communities and help more SEA firms harness the benefits of Kaspersky Cyber Immunity approach that allows the building of Secure-by-Design products using KasperskyOS operating system and following a specific methodology. Such products can’t be virtually compromised under ordinary conditions.

“We welcome Kaspersky as part of our membership and expanding eco-system of IoT solutions and service providers in Malaysia. IoT cybersecurity is one of the main concerns and challenges as IoT empowers nation towards the fourth industrial revolution and growing digital economy. Kaspersky’s expertise in this area will be greatly appreciated in the advancement of this space,” says James Lai, Chairman of Malaysian IoT Association.

Kaspersky and MyIoTA have already joined efforts in identifying company’s pilot project, a cyber immune solution for Smart City, that will be based on a local Malaysian IoT platform and Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateways. Potential projects will be developed together with Adaptive Production Technology (APROTECH), a Kaspersky IIoT subsidiary, that provides IoT engineering and resources.

The Head of KasperskyOS Business Unit, Andrey Suvorov commented that the company is glad to join MyIoTA team as a member. “Strong partnerships within the association and links to real use cases are crucial parts of our decision. Kaspersky, together with APROTECH have a great opportunity to work on pilots in Smart City and other key industries to generate synergies and solutions with local partners, combining business values and cyber resistance topics. As digital economy is one of the major streams of the national strategies, we believe our membership can bring good joint results for national leaders and for the whole of Southeast Asia region,” he adds.

To learn more about Kaspersky Cyber Immunity and Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateways please visit the website.





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