IoT Solution In A Smart Factory

PATLITE is a diversified, highly technology engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1947. The company is a leading provider of innovative LED...
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PATLITE – The Next Evolution Of Signal Towers

PATLITE is a diversified, highly technology engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1947. The company is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities.

PATLITE continues to expand its product offerings and services to meet emerging sophisticated needs of industrial automation, commercial, municipal and governmental customers. The company’s optical, acoustic and electronic engineers have decades of experience developing innovative signalling products with outstanding quality and performance reliability which are required by high and stringent standard of the industry.

The PATLITE broad range products are being dedicated to improve quality control, productivity and safety in production plants.

Wireless Signal Tower

PATLITE Wireless Signal Tower is next generation signal tower series featuring ultra-bright LEDs, a modular design, and a wide-selection of options to take on the most challenging applications. It is affordable and offers simple integration with minimum investment yet it is an easily expandable structure by collecting small data, producing results and achieving improvement. It also utilises existing standard equipment at production site.

The latest signal towers from PATLITE come with re-designed lens and improved module construction delivering bright, even light for visibility from further distances. The signal towers are re-engineered with completely enclosed sound module, and maintain substantial water and dust protection while producing loud, omni-directional sound.

A modular “Twist and Lock” design ensures easy customisation and field configuration of LED units and sound modules.

As in other practical applications of Internet of Things, one of the goals of PATLITE Wireless Signal Tower is to improve productivity of a smart factory.

Wireless Data Acquisition System

PATLITE Wireless Data Acquisition System WDT-Z2 Transmitter is connected to PATLITE Signal Tower to produce log data and data from the Signal Tower is then send to the Receiver (WDR). This system allows signal towers to wirelessly transmit equipment status changes to a host PC for real-time monitoring and data analysis.

The WD system is a low-cost, industrial IoT add-on allowing PATLITE Signal Towers to transmit wireless operational data based on its physical, visual and audible alerts system. This allows operators to acquire and view real-time machine data, irrespective of the machine’s age or type, to prompt immediate responses.

This solution by PATLITE ensures predictive maintenance for the factory, identify production bottlenecks, enhance supervisory control, optimise productivity and increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the factory floor.

Typical Applications

  • Multiple stand-alone machines can be networked by the WDT-Z2 Transmitter for data archiving and remote monitoring.
  • The status and condition of the machines are indicated by the PATLITE signal towers.

Wireless Concept IEEE802.

  • Wireless hopping/routing functions and mesh topology can make flexible and reliable wireless network configurations possible.
  • Data archived by the WDT-Z2 Transmitter is stored in a file format CSV which any off-the-shelf data management software e,g, SCADA can handle.





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