Intelligent Production Line For Fresh Liquid Eggs

Luen Tai Hong liquid egg manufacturing
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HKPC sets up intelligent production line for local fresh liquid eggs manufacturer in Hong Kong to significantly enhance production capacity and food safety to help “Made in Hong Kong” brand shine in GBA market.

On 3 March 2022, The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and local liquid eggs manufacturer Luen Tai Hong Kong Fresh Liquid Eggs Limited (Luen Tai Hong) announced their collaboration to set up Hong Kong’s first intelligent production line of fresh liquid eggs. By applying one-stop integrated technical support, the production process will be optimised, resulting in increased production capacity and better product quality to meet the huge market demand. This project has also successfully applied for the Reindustrialisation Funding Scheme under the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government, receiving a subsidy of HK$14.9 million (US$1.9 million). The production line is expected to come into operation in two years’ time.

Being a long-standing local importer of fresh liquid eggs, Luen Tai Hong established the first pasteurised liquid eggs factory in town in 2013. Currently, it supplies fresh liquid eggs to hundreds of eateries, well-known bakeries and chain restaurants in Hong Kong, with a market share of nearly 30 percent.


Mr Young Kam-yim, Managing Director of Luen Tai Hong
Photo: Mr Young Kam-yim, Managing Director of Luen Tai Hong.

According to Luen Tai Hong, fresh liquid eggs is an important raw material in food processing that can be used to make different cakes, breads, and even Chinese and Western dishes. It has a wide range of uses as well as high demand. Observing that the existing production is gradually unable to match the demand, Luen Tai Hong hopes to increase production capacity and reduce operating costs through an intelligent production line, so that the brand can keep pace with times and expand to new markets. After a thorough technical evaluation by HKPC’s professional team addressing the operational needs of Luen Tai Hong, a tailor-made fresh liquid eggs intelligent production line is being proposed. Adopting advanced technologies such as sensors, Internet of Things and machine vision, the production process will be monitored with real-time data to ensure product safety and traceability, while increasing productivity and stability.

Mr Young Kam-yim, managing director of Luen Tai Hong, said, “At present, 30 tons of fresh egg liquid are produced every day, mainly relying on manual supervision and productivity is limited. With intelligent production, the production capacity can increase by 2 to 3 times, with 60 to 70 tons of fresh egg liquid to be produced per day. At the same time, manpower, production time and human error will be reduced, achieving overall cost saving of up to 30 percent. Staff can also be deployed to handle high-tech work, reducing costs and raising efficiency. Intelligent production will also diversify our business. In addition to expanding from B2B to B2C retail business, high production capacity will also help the brand enter the huge and potential Greater Bay Area (GBA) market with a population of more than 86 million, making Hong Kong’s food manufacturing industry shine on the global stage.”

Mr Edmond Lai, chief digital officer of HKPC, said, “The food industry is one of the top four sectors boosting the largest value growth among local manufacturing .1 HKPC is determined to lead the food industry gradually towards advanced manufacturing so as to strengthen the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ brand and let it shine in the international market. At present, the mainland China is the largest export market for Hong Kong’s food industry,2 and consumers are very concerned about food safety. To enhance market competitiveness, brands must first ensure product quality, safety and stability. With the advanced manufacturing technologies of i4.0, HKPC helps the manufacturing industry to streamline the traditional production process. Through data based real-time monitoring of product quality, operators can also flexibly deploy according to the data of each position, and establish predictive maintenance to avoid losses incurred by unexpected downtime, making enterprise management more handy. HKPC will continue to strengthen the collaboration among the government, industry, academic, and research sectors in promoting the development of high value-added industries in Hong Kong in terms of technology, talent and capital.”

In the future, Luen Tai Hong intends to open the fresh liquid eggs intelligent production line for visits by different groups and institutions, so as to promote the development of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) culture and STEM education, and attract more talents to join in research and development. In addition, HKPC plans to establish an egg product I&T centre with Luen Tai Hong, aiming to study the technologies of turning eggshells into valuable materials, such as organic calcium and collagen powder, so as to promote the sustainable development of the egg products industry.

Luen Tai Hong supplies fresh liquid eggs
Photo: Luen Tai Hong supplies fresh liquid eggs to hundreds of eateries, well-known bakeries and chain restaurants in Hong Kong, with a market share of nearly 30 percent.

Photos by The Hong Kong Productivity Council.



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