Industry 4.0: Ten Real-World Examples Of Digital Manufacturing

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The article takes a look at ten examples of real-world manufacturing examples from Asia Pacific (APAC) that have adopted digital manufacturing with varying success.

Digital manufacturing is a broader concept of manufacturing innovation that uses integrated, computer-based systems to enhance the manufacturing process. Digital advancements such as analytics, simulations, animations, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) enable the manufacturing companies to customise products and quantities in a much shorter production lead time than the conventional methods while efficiently managing the entire product lifecycle. In addition, it helps to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve quality, and make processes more resilient.

Furthermore, the digital manufacturing revolution encourages superior business outcomes with intelligent, connected systems.

According to McKinsey, Industry 4.0 can unlock significant value for manufacturers using digital transformation to develop new or enhanced ways of operating their businesses. A survey from a select group of industry-leading manufacturers shows:


  • 30 to 50 percent reductions of machine downtime,
  • 15 to 30 percent improvements in labour productivity,
  • 10 to 30 percent increase in throughput, and
  • 10 to 20 percent decrease in the cost of quality.

Below are ten examples of real-world manufacturing examples from APAC, in no particular order, that have adopted digital manufacturing with varying success.


AVEVA’s Vision AI Assistant 2021 – an image classification-based analytics tool that enables manufacturers to use video and images from existing general-purpose cameras and convert them into user-friendly information and timely alerts to help operators focus on the task at hand without continuously monitoring live camera feeds. Read more

2. Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits, an industrial and enterprise-grade AI software company, developed LUMINAI Refinery Advisor, in collaboration with bp, that allows plant operators to meet refinery operating plans more consistently and adapt to the ever-changing constraints by providing real-time guidance and specific instructions based on expert engineering, operator knowledge, and process conditions. This cloud-based offering leverages Beyond Limits’ Cognitive AI software helps to reduce production material costs, maximise operational efficiencies, accelerate time to market, and reduce waste in critical downstream oil and gas sectors. Read more

3. Siemens

Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing, and electronics design meet tomorrow. Through the Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio, the company is helping companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins to drive innovation.

The Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio combines Siemens’ deep industry expertise with cloud services from AWS to help industrial companies accelerate digital transformation in the cloud. Together, AWS and Siemens Xcelerator as a Service act as a catalyst for fast and predictable digital transformation, including gaining new manufacturing insights, automating processes, and deploying connected services—and offer customisable solutions for any starting point on the digital journey. Read more

4. Ennoconn Group

Industrial IoT and IT & system integration services company, Ennoconn Group, transforms its manufacturing systems, including business-critical sales, marketing, and operations systems, from its on-premise infrastructure to Google Cloud to realise greater efficiency and save resources.

Ennoconn will also use Google Cloud’s computing, data storage, and analytics to power its digital management production tools for greater visibility across its design-chain and supply-chain, including manufacturing floor assembly, integration, testing, and packaging. This, in turn, will translate into more streamlined design timelines for Ennoconn, and the ability to deliver more predictive designs, support, and manufacturing services to market with speed and confidence. Read more

5. Siam Cement Group (SCG)

Cement-Building Materials Business of Siam Cement Group (SCG) is building on its Google Cloud platform to support their SAP S4/HANA cloud transformation journey towards 2025. Cement-Building Materials Business of SCG operates its business on multiple instances of SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. The shift from on-premises infrastructure to Google Cloud’s platform enables sharper enterprise-wide visibility across its business functions. Read more

6. Volvo Group

Volvo Group, which offers trucks, buses, construction equipment, and power solutions for marine and industrial applications, embarked on a strategy to transform its IT architecture by consolidating PLM and CAD platforms to enable better leverage of product data across the value chain. As a result, the company will be unifying its Creo computer-aided design (CAD) platforms using PTC’s products to serve as the primary CAD and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions used in the Volvo Group for complete vehicle design.

This solution, which will leverage the full capabilities of PTC’s Windchill PLM software and CAD software, is designed to promote collaboration across Volvo Group’s PLM and CAD functions and significantly increase the reuse of digital product data across the Volvo Group. Read more

7. Vingroup

Vingroup, the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam, embarks on Google Cloud to support its ongoing digitisation and innovation strategy. Specifically, Google Cloud will help Vingroup advance its public Cloud adoption on Google Cloud Platform, and identify opportunities to apply cloud-based machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart data analytics technologies across Vingroup’s varied lines of business. Read more

8. Emerson

Emerson’s pneumatic valve systems designed for digital transformation now incorporate features and technology that provide a new level of precision control for pneumatic-driven actuators and applications. Its pneumatic valves now incorporate sensors, industrial network interfaces, wireless technology, and sophisticated digital control features that bring greater versatility, better control and proven performance to a wide range of automation and manufacturing applications. Read more

9. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines chooses Fuel Insight and FlightPulse to transform its fuel-efficiency program. Using General Electric Digital’s Aviation Software solutions helps Malaysia Airlines track sustainability goals by monitoring and reducing fuel usage and emissions. Read more

10. Lendlease

With Google Cloud as the foundation for its digital transformation strategy, Lendlease, an Australian multinational construction, property, and infrastructure company, will move to the cloud by migrating its mission-critical enterprise workloads, including its data-intense CAD platforms, in-house project excellence platform, Oli, and its Oracle-based eFinance system. This will enable the company to increase operational efficiency significantly, and drive improved decision making through enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, with a stronger cybersecurity posture across the organisation. Read more


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