Igus Supports Robots For Logistics In Smart Factory At 2018 RoboCup German Open

Igus Supports Robots For Logistics In Smart Factory At 2018 RoboCup German Open

They play football, master rescue operations and undertake the logistics in a smart factory: robots from 14 countries had competed against each other in April at the 2018 RoboCup German Open. The Carologistics team from Aachen became the German champion in the Logistics league – with support from igus.

How far have robotics and artificial intelligence developed? Answers can be found in specialist journals, discussion forums or trade fairs. However, to experience the new systems from all around the world in live action is more exciting, as seen at the igus-sponsored 2018 RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg. Students and young engineers from around 40 colleges and research institutions had a wide range of robots in their baggage: from small humanoid robots up to table-high transport robots. They had to compete each other in various disciplines, for example in football, rescue operations or intralogistics tasks.

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastics were used in a large number of such robots. This was also the case in the igus-sponsored Carologistics team, which topped the Logistics league. The robots from Aachen had to complete logistics tasks appropriate to a smart factory. The robots had to communicate with each other and find their way in an area covering 112 square metres without aid, transport rings and caps between assembly stations, and finally assemble the products. Teamwork par excellence.


In the new intralogistics robots, the drylin linear modules were used in the three-axis control system of the gripper. In addition was an electric linear axis with a lead screw motor and a dryspin lead screw, which provided precision in pick and place. In the Standard league as well, where the robots had to face each other on the soccer field, igus supported the team B-Human of the University of Bremen and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence. The previous year’s winner came in 3rd place and like Carologistics, will face teams from all over the world in June at the World Championships in Montreal in Canada.




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