How Delta’s Equipment IoT Solution Helps Machine Manufacturers and Printing Startups in Southeast Asia

How Delta’s Equipment IoT Solution Helps Machine Manufacturers and Printing Startups in Southeast Asia
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The rapid evolution of market trends in Asia spurs the rise of new business and consumption models. Southeast Asia’s boom in startup companies is creating a new customer group for machine makers who fill in market gaps left by traditional, less agile businesses.

Yet limited business scale and capital means some market-savvy startups have no choice but to lease production equipment from manufacturers and avoid high costs and maintenance issues.

Newcomers to the printing industry in Asia are enthusiastically adopting this leasing model, and manufacturers are adapting to meet demand. For example, a famous Chinese printing machine manufacturer, with over 50 years’ experience in producing multi-color offset presses, now leases its high-end offset presses models downstream to printing houses worldwide.

The press manufacturer offers its customers equipment and maintenance service for installment payments. Its most popular model for leasing is the advanced, high-speed and precise single sheet flat multi-color press machine.

However, frequent payment delays is a huge risk for the manufacturer’s business operations and it faces a logistical nightmare of servicing a global customer base which can end in mounting service complaints and excessive travel expenses.

Delta helped the manufacturer’s solve their dilemma by creating an Equipment IoT Solution which serves as a complete remote monitoring system. This original solution is tailor made for printing machines and adopts a Hot-Swappable Mid-range PLC AH Series with multiple I/O terminals. The AH Series can monitor production status, and connect with human machine interfaces (HMI) to allow staff to adjust parameters such as paper feeding, color printing, and paper discharging.

This solution uses a 4G cloud router to transmit production data to the cloud platform. Processed data displays on Delta’s original DIAView SCADA System for management and the machine manufacturer can monitor their leased equipment’s status from their global customers’ sites.

The entire printing machine supply chain, from supplier to end user, enjoys a range of benefits from the Delta Equipment IoT Solution. The printing machine manufacturer gets:

  • Remote management to prevent financial risks: Manufacturers no longer need to spend time and manpower requesting payment. They can now use the solution’s convenient and efficient financial monitoring system to lockdown leased equipment remotely and cease printing operations of non-paying customers.
  • Lower maintenance cost and more efficient service: Troubleshooting equipment issues for global customers is difficult as on-site equipment servicing means high travel costs and low efficiency from equipment downtime. Delta’s Equipment IoT Solution, featuring remote monitoring and analysis for maintenance, allows users to figure out anomalies and assign essential service staff, boosting service efficiency by 30 percent, and saving 1M NTD in travel costs per year.
  • High system compatibility for equipment optimisation: Delta’s solution adopts self-developed software and hardware with a complete structure and high system compatibility. The solution is extendible to other printing equipment and has an auto data collection function which helps end users lower their labor costs and errors while precisely controlling production quality.

On the other hand, printing startups can gain the following benefits from the solution:

  • Real-time equipment monitoring and parameter setting: By connecting the printing machine with a HMI, operators can adjust the paper feeding, printing color, and paper discharging parameters in time. The system uploads production data and displays the status in real-time and provides instant alarm notifications for equipment errors so operators and managers can quickly manage to reducing downtime and production costs.
  • Enhanced management efficiency with less labor: Traditional printing processes demand manual checking and data logging. In contrast, Delta’s Equipment IoT Solution and DIAView SCADA System collects production data automatically with production traceability in detail effectively lowering labor cost and reducing errors. Users can easily analyse their production quality data using graphics and manage their orders in batches to satisfy customers’ requirements for quality and efficient service.

Delta Electronics has an abundance of practical experience with equipment IoT applications, which makes us a perfect partner for the printing machine supply chain in Southeast Asia. Our service offers a complete solution along with consultation, assessment and implementation.


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