Honeywell Debuts Cloud Historian As Part Of Honeywell Connected Plant

Honeywell Debuts Cloud Historian As Part Of Honeywell Connected Plant
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Houston, US: Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has announced the launch of its Honeywell Connected Plant Uniformance Cloud Historian. This new offering is a software-as-a-service cloud hosting solution for enterprise-wide visualisation and analysis, helping customers improve asset availability and increase plant uptime.

Uniformance Cloud Historian’s design is an industry first. It fuses the real-time process data analysis of a traditional enterprise historian with a data lake, enabling the integration of production, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other business data coupled with analytics tools to provide business intelligence. This allows enterprise data to be analyzed instantly on a scale not previously possible using tools and functions already in use at sites and plants.

The company’s new offering collects, stores and enables replay of historical and continuous plant and production site process data and makes it visible in the cloud in near real time. The historian combines a time series data store, which empowers plant and enterprise staff to execute and make decisions, with a big data lake, which enables data scientists to uncover previously unknown correlations between process data and other business data in the enterprise.

Projects that previously took weeks or months can now be achieved in hours. These efficiencies, combined with the ability to use a customer’s existing tools and functions, can significantly reduce deployment and engineering time. Additionally, the scale and performance delivered through native cloud technology can reduce enterprise information technology costs by up to 25 percent. Because Uniformance Cloud Historian is built on the Honeywell Sentience Internet of Things Platform, the future value may be delivered to customers in the form of additional applications and services.

Uniformance Cloud Historian is the latest addition to the Honeywell Connected Plant portfolio, which is turning data into insight, from edge to enterprise, to help customers improve their bottom line. Honeywell delivers this through its domain expertise and advanced analytics capabilities to connect process, assets, people and enterprise to maximise performance.

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