Hioki Launches High Voltage Battery Tester For Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hioki Launches High Voltage Battery Tester For Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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Hioki has launched the Battery HiTester BT3564, which is ideally suited for use in shipping and acceptance inspections of devices such as increasingly high-voltage battery packs for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) as well as residential storage batteries.

The instrument, which has a maximum input voltage of 1,000V, can simultaneously measure internal resistance and battery voltage.


Development Background

Recent efforts by governments around the world to strengthen environmental regulations are spurring the electrification of automobiles in the form of EVs and PHEVs and, relatedly, the production of batteries such as the lithium-ion batteries for EVs. The need to boost battery output to provide extended range while simultaneously limiting increases in vehicle weight has made it necessary to increase battery voltage.

The previous battery tester was limited in its ability to adequately accommodate these increasingly high-voltage measurement targets; thus, Hioki developed the BT3564 to resolve that issue.

BT3564 Features

  1. Ability To Measure Battery Voltages Of Up To 1,000V

The previous Hioki battery tester for this application (BT3563) had a maximum input voltage of 300 V. Hioki is providing a maximum input voltage to 1000 V in the BT3564 to enable customers to measure the internal resistance of increasingly high-voltage EV battery packs.

  1. Spark Discharge Reduction Function For Safe Measurement

As voltages increase, spark discharge during measurement become more likely, creating a significant risk for workers. The BT3564 reduces the likelihood of spark discharge by limiting the current that flows when the measurement probes make contact with the battery pack’s terminals.

  1. Newly Designed 1,000V Probes For Easy Measurement

Hioki designed new pin-shaped probes that can measure 1,000V (separate optional product). High-voltage battery packs have terminals that are less accessible in order to comply with safety standards, making them difficult to measure with conventional probe designs. Thanks to longer tips, these probes facilitate more reliable measurement.

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