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Sujith Panikkar, Senior Consultant Functional Safety/ Safety Instrumented Systems, HIMA (Asia Pacific).

Singapore: With the introduction of new Workplace Safety and Health regulations for facilities that are considered a Major Hazard Installation (MHI) a timely webinar, scheduled for December 13, 2017, at 11 am Singapore Time, will be held. Organised by HIMA, an independent provider of smart safety solutions, the webinar aims to address the functional safety aspects of the new legislation for process plants and bulk storage facilities.

The webinar will help industry practitioners currently administering and overseeing the safety case for their facility to understand fully how functional safety helps to fulfil technical requirements of the new legislation.

Commenting on the importance of this legislation, Friedhelm Best, VP, HIMA (Asia Pacific), said: “Strict compliance with the legislation is essential to ensuring a safe work environment in MHIs. Many working in MHIs will need assistance in building their safety case to comply with regulators. The safety case and functional safety are inextricably intertwined, and the functional safety aspect of building the safety case tends to be the most important, and also the most technically complex, so we hope to help those tasked with this challenge by organising this free-to-attend webinar.”

The webinar will address functional safety; safety instrumented system (SIS) and the safety lifecycle. Functional safety documentation will also be discussed, as well as the link between this documentation and technical aspects of the safety case submission.

Also, those attending will be assisted in identifying gaps in their safety documentation so that appropriate action plans can be implemented before the safety case submission deadline.

Sujith Panikkar, Senior Consultant Functional Safety/ Safety Instrumented Systems, HIMA (Asia Pacific), will deliver the webinar. It is suitable for process engineers, environmental health and safety engineers, plant managers, electrical, instrumentation, controls engineers and MOM approved consultants. The webinar is open for registration here.

Header image courtesy of Oil and Gas Photographer at Shutterstock.

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