HARTING Event Brings Together Experts For Digital Communication


HARTING event brings together experts for digital communication
Industrial Ethernet Week 2 supports development engineers and decision-makers in the transformation to the IIoT

From 21 to 23 February 2023, the HARTING Technology Group will be hosting Industrial Ethernet Week for the second time. Following the first successful event in 2022, the digital event with global reach will once again bring together numerous experts from the industrial and IT sectors. They will discuss the upcoming opportunities and challenges of industrial production and highlight which strategies and technologies companies need to embrace to ensure they are properly positioned for the digitalisation of production.

The core of Industrial Ethernet Week is the topic of digital communication. On one hand, this includes the collection of data and its transmission via appropriate cables and connectors. On the other hand, intelligent data processing for future business models will be discussed. One development in focus: the manufacturing industry and IT/software sectors are currently growing ever closer together. Due to digitalisation, solutions from the IT sector are increasingly needed to make data usable for production directly at the machine.


Many industrial companies are facing the transformation towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Development engineers, factory installers and other professionals are facing new challenges in their daily business due to new technologies, new use cases and new business models. They need to keep up to date with trends and solutions to develop ideas and find the next steps to transform their business. As one of the key players in the global market for Industrial Ethernet connectivity solutions, the HARTING Technology Group aims to support this group with Industrial Ethernet Week.

As a leading international technology company, the HARTING Technology Group sees itself as a pioneer for the necessary digitalisation. This also includes bringing together the right experts from different industries to discuss solutions. Participants at the event will get to know the ideas and perspectives of pioneers and thought leaders and receive an update on technologies, solutions and trends.

“We are pleased to be actively shaping the implementation of Industry 4.0 globally from Espelkamp. Our solutions create the necessary high-performance infrastructure required for increasing data rates. We bring together previously separate worlds and create the basis for digital business models. I look forward to interesting guests and exciting discussions. In 2023, Industrial Ethernet Week will once again offer valuable insights into developments and provide users with valuable solution strategies for their own companies,” says Kilian Schmale, Head of Marketing at HARTING Electronics GmbH.

The guests include thought leaders from Schaeffler, Beckhoff, Microsoft, IoT UseCase, Supplyframe, EPlan, Fluke Networks, Sparkfun and Analog Devices. Together with HARTING experts, they will report live from the HARTING Forum in Espelkamp and stream online to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The focus topics of the three days are:

Day 1 – Industrial Transformation

Day 2 – Factory Installation

Day 3 – Device Design


Interested? Register via the following link and join us online:



The HARTING Industrial Ethernet Week will take place online from 21-23 February 2023.











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