Grundfos Launches Investment-Free Guaranteed Energy Savings Program For Thai Businesses

Grundfos Launches Investment-Free Guaranteed Energy Savings Program For Thai Businesses
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Grundfos, a leading pump and water solutions manufacturer, has launched a new service model in Thailand that can help local businesses cut energy consumption by more than one-third, achieving greater sustainability at a lower cost while supporting the country’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 percent by 2030.

Grundfos Energy Earnings (GEE) is a new shared energy saving programme where Grundfos absorbs the investment cost of replacing customers’ current equipment with new environmentally friendly solutions, as well as installation and ongoing maintenance. Under this new self-funding service model, Grundfos and customers will share the realised savings from GEE for five years.

Products offered through GEE include LS pumps, controllers and energy-efficient motors.

Pumps account for 10 percent of global energy consumption. Switching to newer technology can have a significant positive impact. Advanced pump solutions, which can be used for various applications across diverse segments, are especially suitable for the hospitality industry where hotels, entertainment arenas and other facilities play a critical role in supporting the Thai economy. GEE can also help municipal electricity authorities reduce their energy consumption.

Grundfos is dedicated to supporting Thai efforts to reduce energy consumption, in line with a growing domestic environmental movement where consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about how human activity is damaging the country’s natural and urban environments.

Mr Lewis Brown, Grundfos Regional Service Business Developer, Asia Pacific Region, said, “Sustainability is a very important part of Grundfos’ DNA. The pandemic this year has reaffirmed the importance of achieving our climate ambitions, as we are reminded of the impact human activities have on the environment. We are committed to helping our customers to reduce their water and energy consumption to limit their carbon footprint.

“At the same time, we aim to demonstrate that financial and environmental goals are not mutually exclusive. Our GEE model showcases the benefits of replacing energy-intensive equipment with our pioneering technology that can reduce both environmental and financial costs.”

Grundfos this year launched GEE with Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya, replacing the existing pumps at Thailand’s largest water park and enabling it to reduce its energy consumption by 31 percent. The project will exceed 1,000,000 kWh in savings and 450 tonnes of CO2 emissions — about the same as permanently removing 170 cars off the road.

Financial savings for a customer can reach up to 1.5 million baht per year of cost saving.

“GEE has the potential to deliver real financial savings. Customers in the hospitality industry, who have been pressured by the Covid-19 pandemic, can benefit from developing greater resilience to help them overcome challenges caused by the pandemic while helping them on a path to a more sustainable future in the longer term.

“These savings will have a significant impact on our customers’ bottom line, as well as our commitment towards sustainability and the environment. We forecast to reach 30 Asia Pacific customers within the next five years,” said Mr Brown.


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