GlobalFoundries Officially Opens US$4 Billion Expansion Facility in Singapore, Creating 1,000 New Jobs


GlobalFoundries Officially Opens US$4 Billion Expansion Facility in Singapore, Creating 1,000 New Jobs

The new facility, which broke ground in 2021, will bolster GF’s global manufacturing footprint across Singapore, the U.S., and Europe to provide customers with capacity to enhance supply chain flexibility and business resilience


L-R: Mr Tan Yew Kong, Senior Vice President and General Manager, GlobalFoundries Singapore site; Mr Ang Kay Chai, Chief Manufacturing Officer, GlobalFoundries; Ahmed Yahia Al Idrissi, Chairman of the Board, GlobalFoundries; Mr Lawrence Wong Shyun Tsai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance; Dr Thomas Caulfield, President and CEO of GlobalFoundries; Ms Jacqueline Poh,
Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board

GlobalFoundries (NASDAQ: GFS) (GF) today announced the official opening of its US$4 billion (S$5 billion) expansion fabrication plant (“fab”) in Singapore. The 23,000sqm fab will create 1,000 high-value jobs in Singapore, 95 percent of which will include equipment technicians, process technicians and engineers.

The official opening ceremony was graced by Mr. Lawrence Wong, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, alongside Mr. Ahmed Yahia Al Idrissi, Chairman of the GF Board of Directors, additional GF Board members and GF executives including President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Thomas Caulfield, Chief Manufacturing Officer Kay Chai (KC) Ang, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of GlobalFoundries Singapore Tan Yew Kong, among others.

The new facility will boost GF’s global manufacturing footprint and reinforce the company’s ability to deliver product security and flexibility to customers across its manufacturing sites in three continents. As Singapore’s most advanced semiconductor facility to date, the expansion fab will produce an additional 450,000 wafers (300mm) annually, raising GF Singapore’s overall capacity to approximately 1.5 million wafers (300mm) each year.

“We are thrilled to ramp our operations at the Singapore expansion site. This site is instrumental in ensuring that we have the capacity our customers need as they seek to strengthen their supply chains,” said Dr. Thomas Caulfield, president and CEO of GlobalFoundries. “This new facility is the result of our close partnership with our customers and the Singapore government, and testament to the hard work and effort put in by our employees.”

Singapore’s semiconductor output currently makes up 11 percent of the global semiconductor market. This is set to grow as the country advances towards its Manufacturing 2030 vision to become a global hub for advanced manufacturing. GF stands ready to support the growth in demand for essential semiconductor chips.

“GlobalFoundries’ fab expansion in Singapore will extend its leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, amid expectations of robust long-term growth for the sector. The new facility will invigorate Singapore’s sophisticated semiconductor ecosystem that serves different parts of the value chain, through the creation of 1,000 good jobs and partnerships with local small-and-medium enterprises. EDB looks forward to working towards the next milestone with GlobalFoundries,” said Ms. Jacqueline Poh, Managing Director of EDB.

The new facility spans a cleanroom space of over 23,000 sqm. The first tool was moved into the facility in June 2022, just within a year of the groundbreaking ceremony. The building’s design is engineered to prioritise sustainability, earning both the Administration and Manufacturing buildings Green Mark Gold status from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority. It is outfitted with the latest technologies and solutions to manage resources and waste, recycle and reuse water and increase overall energy efficiency.





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