Global AI Technology Trend: TVBS Exclusive Broadcast and Interview with Jensen Huang Reaches New Heights

Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, recently visited Taiwan, setting off what local media have dubbed “Jensanity.”This surge of enthusiasm coincided with his keynote address on the eve of the much-anticipated COMPUTEX 2024. TVBS, a leader in technology media, captured this momentous event, partnering with Huang to broadcast his speech exclusively. The event’s coverage on TVBS’s YouTube channel and bilingual livestream peaked at over 90,000 concurrent viewers, quickly amassing over one million views in just ten days and climbing to the top of YouTube’s trending charts. This achievement underscores TVBS’s prominence and significant influence in the tech media landscape.


TVBS Insight People with Jensen Huang hailed as 2024’s must-watch interview in Taiwan.



TVBS “Insight People” with Jensen Huang hailed as 2024’s must-watch interview in Taiwan

Beyond the COMPUTEX keynote, Huang sat down for an all-English interview with Fang Nien-hwa on TVBS “Insight People.” The discussion, which delved into AI-driven innovations, earned high marks for its depth and professionalism. Huang himself became an immediate admirer of Fang, commending the quality of their exchange. The interview has already drawn over 200,000 views online, with audiences praising it as the “must-watch interview of 2024” in Taiwan. Broadcast also on TVBS ASIA, the program reached a global Chinese-speaking audience, further enhancing Huang’s appeal. The interview’s highlights, shared on social platform X, ignited international conversations, attracting attention from figures like Elon Musk, who commented on the potential ubiquity of AI, likening its proliferation to that of automobiles.


TVBS spearheads digital transformation in tech media, exploring AI’s boundless potential with NVIDIA

Under the guidance of TVBS General Manager Sheena Liu, the broadcaster is intensifying its focus on digital transformation. The network has garnered numerous international accolades for its digital initiatives and is deepening its partnership with NVIDIA to explore the vast potential of AI. Liu emphasized that AI has boosted global innovation, prompting TVBS to further invest in its digital evolution and adopt a multi-faceted approach to business transformation. As TVBS continues to blend technology with media, its goal remains to provide high-quality content to Chinese-speaking audiences worldwide, striving to be a visionary and diverse content provider in the AI era.

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