Tracer Advanced Laser System For Projection And Inspection By FARO

FARO Tracer

FARO has released of the next generation of the Tracer platform for laser-guided assembly and verification, the Tracer(SI) Advanced Laser Projection System. Tracer(SI) is a fully integrated, optimised solution that includes both innovative, improved hardware built upon the Tracer(M) product and the BuildIT Projector software.

Tracer(SI) uses 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) information to project 3D laser images onto a physical surface and provides a live, visually rich virtual template which assemblers can use to quickly position components with precision and complete confidence. This solution can deliver significant ROI as organisations no longer have to invest capital in physical templates, ie: wood or metal mold or tools which also have to be built, maintained, stored or even repaired. Additionally, real time manufacturing errors are minimised and, as a result, costly scrap and reworks costs are reduced. There are actual, documented cases where rework and scrap savings alone have payback periods as short as 90 days.

Tracer(SI) will transform 2D imagery and its use in every industrial application as it represents the first of its kind laser scanning camera, with projection and high-resolution image scanning capabilities throughout its entire projection volume. Since the laser scanning camera does not rely on lenses or conventional image capture, the depth of field is equal to the full projection range, there are no lighting limitations since it is laser illuminated, and there are no limitations on frame size and resolution. This combination of laser scanning imagery and high accuracy projection establishes a new industry standard for repeatable laser-guided assembly.


Fast Setup with Feature Alignment

Tracer(SI) moves guidance assembly one major step forward through its native support of feature based alignment. With feature based alignment, retroreflectors, ie: special targets that reflect light back to the original source, do not have to be placed on or around the object or assembly. This substantially reduces the time required for setup. Next, to synchronise alignment, the system performs high resolution image scans of the part or assembly to match known features (holes, edges, etc) to the CAD model.

visualisatio with In Process Verification

Tracer(SI) is the first laser projector that enables In-Process Verification, or IPV. IPV uses the advanced laser scanning camera in conjunction with BuildIT projector software to perform quality checks. Throughout the assembly process, at any point, users can quickly run an image-based quality check and confidently take any corrective or preventive actions to facilitate the end to end assembly process. This includes the ability to detect presence or absence of features during the assembly process or at final assembly. Additionally, at any point, loose fragments can be detected and cared for with the distinctive Foreign Object Debris (FOD) feature.

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