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FARO has announced that Dr. Simon Raab plans to retire as President and Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of Directors, following 36 years of service.

Till a successor is appointed, Dr. Raab will remain in his current role as President and CEO and as a member of the Board of Directors. He has served as FARO’s President and CEO since December 2015 and previously served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from its inception in 1982 until January 2006. He has also been the Company’s Chairman since its inception.

“We are profoundly grateful to Simon for his unrelenting dedication and passion to building FARO into the technology leader in 3D measurement and imaging solutions,” stated John Donofrio, the Company’s Lead Director. “The Company’s Board of Directors has initiated a comprehensive search to identify a new President and Chief Executive Officer. On behalf of FARO and its shareholders, we wish to thank Simon for his decades of service, dedication and commitment to disruptive innovation he has provided to the Company. Over the past three years, under Simon’s leadership, the Company has successfully executed a complete reorganisation that aligned FARO’s business by global vertical market segment, modernised the efficiency of our sales processes and other functional areas, accelerated and streamlined R&D to attain a sustained drumbeat of new and enhanced product introductions, increased acquisition activity to further build out our product portfolio and technological capabilities, and invested in expanding our renowned global direct sales force. Those initiatives resulted in sustained double-digit sales growth performance and improved gross margin performance.”

“FARO has been my lifetime’s work and today is a global leader in 3D measurement,” stated Dr. Raab. “During the last three years I have made every effort to re-invigorate every part of FARO’s technical and operational structure, including the institutionalising of entrepreneurial behaviour. I am deeply honoured to have served our shareholders, employees and thousands of customers in this grand effort and I will continue to enthusiastically lead to ensure a successful transition to a new generation of leadership.”




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