Do Logistics In A Better Way With MiR Robots

Do Logistics In A Better Way With MiR Robots
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Want to optimise your productivity, internal workflows and increase your competitiveness?

Bring your internal logistics up to speed with autonomous mobile robots that automate repetitive and injury-prone material transportation and work safely alongside your employees to boost productivity.

Mobile Industrial Robots is a leading manufacturer of autonomous, collaborative mobile robots, dedicated to developing user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations.

MiR’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a new generation of advanced mobile robots which give you a rapid return on investment, often with a payback period of less than a year. These unique, collaborative robots are used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and healthcare sectors to automate their in-house transportation. MiR robots are simple to integrate and easy to program, with no need for expensive and disruptive reconfiguration of your infrastructure.



User-friendly MiR robots enable you to adapt to changing market demands, new products, and new production flows. Very easily, you can switch out top modules, change missions, and add new functionality, without the need for external integration services. The MiR robots are open platforms, ready for your application to be integrated. A large ecosystem around the MiR robots exists, and you can find any kind of top modules ready to use from MiR’s external partners. On MiRs online showroom for applications, MiRGo, you have easy access to inspiration on how to use MiR robots and contact details for specific suppliers of applications.

MiR offers the widest range of AMRs in the market from small robots with 100 kg payloads to larger 1000 kg payload robots, enabling you to automate your entire internal logistics with AMRs from the same supplier.

The MiR100 and MiR200 can automate your internal transportation and logistics of smaller parts. The robots optimise workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs. The highly flexible mobile robots autonomously transport up to 200 kg (440 lbs). They can be mounted with customised top modules such as bins, racks, lifts, conveyors or even a collaborative robot arm—whatever your application demands. Top modules are easy to change so the robot can be redeployed for different tasks.

The MiR500 and MiR1000 are designed to automate and optimise the internal transportation of heavy loads and pallet. These robots pick up, transport and deliver pallets autonomously, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks.

MiR1000 is MiR’s most powerful robot with a payload of 1000kg, and even in highly dynamic environments it can transport heavy loads without any exterior safety measures. This means that the collaborative robot is a safe alternative to traditional forklifts and trucks, which many companies would like to remove from manufacturing halls, because they often cause a safety risk.

The MiR250 is the newest addition to MiR AMRs. This AMR sets new standards for internal logistics with a robot that is faster, safer and more agile than any other solution in the same category in the market. It has a smaller footprint while still being able to move as much as 250 kg with a speed of 2 meters/second. Furthermore, the MiR250 has been designed based on the present applicable safety standards.

All the robots can be controlled by the same fleet management system. MiRFleet offers centralised control of robots from a single station, throughout all your facility, thanks to an intuitive web-based interface. With MiRFleet, you have the possibility of controlling up to 100 MiR robots for optimised robot traffic.

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Collaborative and Safe

Being completely safe is the main feature for collaborative and autonomous mobile robots that run in dynamic environments and work alongside humans. With an increasing demand for AMRs across all industries, it is important to deliver a system that does not compromise safety.


MiR robots’ sensory inputs ensure safe navigation

For daily operation the safe driving pattern of the MiR AMRs are ensured by a multi-sensor safety system that feeds data into a sophisticated planning algorithm, which lets the robot know where it drives and that decides if the robot should adjust its path or make a safe and immediate stop to avoid collisions.


The most advanced dual-laser scanner approach to navigate and live-detect obstacles

All MiR robots have the most advanced dual-laser scanner approach to navigate and live-detect obstacles. Two laser scanners are placed on the front and back corners of the robot to provide a 360-degree field of vision. Additional navigation aid is provided by two 3D cameras mounted on the front of the robot to detect obstacles up in 1,700 mm height.


Proximity sensors for feet and pallet detection

The MiR500 and MiR1000 robots are also equipped with 24 proximity sensors that are placed in all corners of the robots and that are pointing towards the floor for feet and pallet detection.


Additional sensory input and a software for enhanced safety

The MiR robots are also equipped with additional sensors including accelerometer and gyroscope to sense inertial force, acceleration, and rotation; and encoders on each wheel to measure speed for accurate feedback to the laser scanners to detect if the robot are slipping.


Designed to meet safety standards

The MiR robots meet EN 1525 and the American counterpart, ANSI/ITSDF standard B56.5-2012, are designed for future standards such as ISO/FDIS 3691-4, ISO/FDIS 10218, RIA 15:08, and UL 3100 as well, and have all relevant safety functions implemented to ensure that the robots react safely even if the primary safety features should fail. The safety functions of the MiR robots are documented with a Sistema report, which can be shared by MiR by request.

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