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Santa Clara, California: As traditional, fossil fuel-based methods of manufacturing give way to digitised factory floors and communication systems, the advanced manufacturing and automation space is witnessing frenzied R&D activity. The disruption caused by Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things has prompted manufacturers across industries to enthusiastically adopt advanced automation solutions like robotics and metal 3D printing, which can significantly hasten production and lower the costs of manufacturing.  

Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation, 2017 is part of Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision(Advanced Manufacturing Automation) Growth Partnership Service program. The study covers the technologies of robotic exoskeletons, metal 3D printing, computer integrated manufacturing, nano 3D printing, collaborative industrial robots, friction stir welding/solid state joining, magnetic levitation (Maglev), composite 3D printing, roll-to-roll manufacturing and agile robots. These are expected to have the highest near- to medium-term impact in a variety of market segments, including automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, aerospace and transportation.

Robotics also has experienced multiple advancements over the past year. While there is a large market for many forms of robots, collaborative robots have the highest impact. Various manufacturers are investing in the technology to create an automated and safe human-machine interaction facility.

Other important applications of robotics in advanced automation are robotic exoskeleton and agile robots. While the former is a wearable robotic device that can increase the strength and mobility of the wearer, the latter are smart robots that offer superior agility, efficiency and uptime. Overall, with greater government support and deeper convergence, advanced manufacturing and automation solutions could well be the engines of Industry 4.0.


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