Datalogic Matrix 220 Imager Delivers Flexibility For High-Speed And DPM Applications

Datalogic Matrix 220 Imager Delivers Flexibility For High-Speed And DPM Applications

Datalogic’s ultra-compact new image-based bar code reader is designed for industry-leading levels of performance and flexibility for high-speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.

The palm-sized new Matrix 220 imager – which weighs just 173g – features rotating connectors for easy installation and integration into tight spaces encountered in industrial automation and highspeed applications. It is the first stationary industrial scanner on the market supporting OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) protocol for Industry 4.0 communication and Digimarc Barcode technology for added value decoding applications.

The extreme industrial grade Matrix 220 can read bar codes in the widest variety of applications, including difficult lighting, at high speeds and in a large range of temperatures, making it an ideal industrial scanner for automotive, packaging, food and beverage, electrical, document handling, manufacturing and a wide range of Industry 4.0 and automation-ready industries.


The Matrix 220 imager is designed for superior performance in rugged applications and harsh conditions. It features IP67 and IP65 industrial grade ratings and can safely operate in temperatures between -10 and 50 deg C.

The imager’s 1.2 Megapixel high resolution sensor and a new multicore image processing platform offer outstanding performance and the ability to read up to 2 mils code resolution. (Note: ‘mils’ denotes the width, in thousands of an inch, of the narrowest element – bar or space – in a barcode.)

Matrix 220 is also the first reader of its market segment to embed High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. This improves image quality and contrast for higher code readability in applications with lower exposure time and faster line speeds.






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