Changing With The Times

Changing With The Times
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While in recent years the M12 connectors had only been used for connections on the sensor-actuator level the range of applications meanwhile has extended itself to data transfer and power supply. By Rolf Kunath, senior product manager, Franz Binder

Franz Binder GmbH & Co. Elektrische Bauelemente KG with their headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany is among the top suppliers for M12 connectors and benefits from the long lasting experience with many variants and customer specific solutions.

Since the internet has become more important in various industries the M12 connectors, especially with regard to their performance, have become fit for data transfer. With the M12 D-coded versions for two-pair, shielded wiring it has been possible to go for transfer rates of 100 Mbit/s. A value that was sufficient at that time.

The Future Is M12 X-Coded

Since the internet has become more important in various industries the M12 connectors, especially with regard to their performance, have become fit for data transfer.

The number of real-time requirements and the data volumes will become much bigger in the future. With their M12 x-coded versions for four-pair wirings and a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gigabit/s. The company is well prepared.

This was and still is a big challenge because with regard to the design the company had to go for a completely new approach. The biggest challenge was to transfer the cable design inside the connector in order to have as little interferences as possible. This had been solved by, on one side, keeping to the twisting of the single wires and the shielding up to the point of contact and, on the other side, by implementing a metal shielding cross to keep the pairs separate. This required the use of simulation tools with the corresponding measuring devices. Even during the production, process quality is monitored by 100 percent testing with the aid of in-house developed testing devices.

The male cable connectors are available as field-wireable versions and moulded versions as well as female panel-mount versions with different kinds of housings.

In the age where office and industry more and more grow together binder also offers access to the office world. For these applications, field wireable as well as molded RJ 45 network connectors, are offered, that suit industrial needs. For the integration into customer, specific housings there are also M 12x contact carriers in the product range.

Large Portfolio

In order to complete the product portfolio and to maintain a good position among the leading suppliers of industrial cables for data transfer, binder developed molded female M12 connectors, female M12 panel-mount connectors with cable, adapters/ cabinet lead-through to connect two male M 12 connectors and the corresponding female panel mount connectors with angled PCB contacts. All connectors are UL approved or are in the approval process and are in accordance with the most current M12 X norm.

New Challenge

To meet the customer request for small compact connectors for the power supply the obstacle of a ‘four amperes limiting current’had to be overcome. The necessary 12 amperes are achieved by wire cross sections equal or bigger than 1.5 mm², bigger contact diameters and an improved contact plating.

Applications for the power supply of actuators, besides a higher current, a higher voltage of 630 volts is also necessary. To allow this voltage, apart from the need of being touch proof, the air and creep distances also have to be met. While touch proof is ensured through the plastic housing, the air and creep distances have to be realised through the given contact arrangement. Here the insulation materials and the plastic material processing are of utmost importance.

In the first step four pole T-coded versions for DC power supply with 12 A/ 63 volt and 3+PE S coded M12 connectors for AC power supply with 12 A/ 630 volt are available. These are available as female and male versions with screw clamp termination as well as the corresponding panel mount connectors in various housings and termination principles. The worldwide acceptance is ensured by the connector norm and the UL and VDE approval.

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