CASE STUDY: F&G System Upgrade Improves Safety At Petrochemical Plant

F&G System Upgrade Improves Safety At Petrochemical Plant
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Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore invests in plant and personnel safety with installation of an upgraded fire and gas system. By Fire and Gas Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions

Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS) is a major producer of ethylene, propylene, acetylene, butadiene, 1-butene, MTBE, benzene, toluene and xylene, and was facing issues with their aging fire and gas system originally installed 20 years earlier. The system was out of date, unreliable, and spare parts were hard to come by. Spotty support further put the operation at risk. Having strong experience with the existing Honeywell DCS, PCS requested Honeywell to study and upgrade the fire and gas system to the Honeywell XLS3000 Fire and Gas system with a proven track record for reliability. Since the field devices were up to date and performing to expectations. PCS limited the project scope to study and upgrade only the main F&G Controller and the IO components.


Since the project scope was to replace only the controller and not the entire F&G system the challenge became to decommission the old system, and install new wiring between the existing field devices and the new XLS3000 controller with the I/O components, without disrupting operations.


PCS required that the new fire alarm panel provide the same functionality as the existing panel and more. Following evaluation of several offerings, PCS selected the Honeywell XLS3000 Fire and Gas System based on its capabilities, reliability and field-proven track record. In addition, PCS installed Honeywell’s EBI R410 SCADA system with HMI Graphics. The new panels were connected to the network via fibre optic cables. Honeywell took responsibility for the installation, testing and startup of the entire system.

The Honeywell XLS3000, part of the XLS Series of products, is an intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel designed for medium to large-scale facilities. Fire emergency detection and evacuation are extremely critical to life safety, and the XLS3000 is ideally suited for these applications.

The XLS3000 solution was a very good fit for the PCS project as its modular design could be specifically configured to meet the PCS project-specific requirements. With one to ten Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), the XLS3000 supports up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices.

The large 640-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) of XLS3000 presents vital information to PCS operators concerning a fire situation, fire progression, and evacuation details in case of an event. The display allows up to nine users, each with a unique password and pre-determined access levels. The display has 11 LED indicators including Power, Supervisory, Point Disabled, Fire Alarm, System Trouble, CPU Failure, Pre-Alarm, Other Event, Controls Active, Security, and Signals Silenced.

Membrane switches are sued for Acknowledge, Signal Silence, Drill, System Reset, and Lamp Test. The XLS3000 is designed to meet most global agency listing and approvals.

Honeywell also provided the Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) R410 SCADA system with graphic operator interface, seamlessly integrated with the XLS3000. EBI R410 is a highly configurable integrated building management system providing an efficient and reliable means to ensure the security, safety and comfort of people and the effective operation of the PCS plant facilities. Its integrated Life Safety Manager provides operators, supervisors and managers with a sophisticated web-style interface to enable PCS personnel to easily monitor the fire alarm system from a single interface during emergency situations.


PCS cited significant advantages that the system upgrade delivered vs the old, outdated system:

  • Robust design ensures safety of plant personnel and assets
  • User friendly operator interface with high resolution graphics
  • Field-proven reliability results in less downtime
  • Strong local Honeywell support provided by factory-trained experts
  • Reduced spare parts and maintenance costs
  • Easy integration for future expansion


PCS reports renewed plant confidence since installation of the XLS3000 Fire and Gas system. The installation of the alarm panels with the Enterprise Buildings Integrator SCADA system provides operations with an intuitive display of cortical parameters in case of events.




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