Carlo Gavazzi: Parking Guidance System

Carlo Gavazzi: Parking Guidance System

Carlo Gavazzi has developed the new generation of Parking Guidance System as an integral part of its Smart Building System based on the SBWEB BACnet Controller. This means that the sensors and actuators needed for intelligent control of lighting and ventilation can be connected directly to the PGS network infrastructure. In other words, you get two solutions in one system. With Carpark III from Carlo Gavazzi you get much more than a Parking Guidance System. You also get the opportunity to gain savings on your energy bill through intelligent control of lighting and ventilation.

The Carpark Guidance System is no longer just a guidance system to help drivers find available lots. With the growing urbanisation, the number and size of carparks has grown exponentially. This trend is set to continue through the next decades. Hence the need to improve the energy efficiency in the carpark is essential.

The Carpark III comes with the Ultrasonic 45 deg sensors with integrated LED indication with high bright RGB LEDs providing multiple colours option. The web server based PGS management software for real-time monitoring, alarms and analysis of historical data is embedded in the main controller hence eliminating the need for software maintenance. It also provides the option for integration with 3rd party software through Web Service API.


The Carpark III was previewed at the Intertraffic 2016 Fair in Amsterdam, Netherlands in April 2016.

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