Bosch celebrates 100th anniversary in Malaysia


Bosch celebrates 100th anniversary in Malaysia

Strengthening innovation and manufacturing capacity in Penang

  • Bosch reaffirms its commitment in Malaysia with additional manufacturing capacity in Penang.
  • Bosch took about 5,000 people in the audience on a musical journey titled “Bosch of Ages.”
  • Through the four acts representing different periods, Bosch showcased its long history as a leading technology leader.


L-R: Dr Jens Reske, Commercial Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Electronic Plant; Reiner Von Hebel, Incoming Technical Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Electronic Manufacturing Plant; Matthias Blohm, Managing Director of Bosch Power Tools Manufacturing Plant; Mandeep Bhalla, Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Steering Manufacturing Plant; Darren Chan, CEO of Bosch Rexroth Malaysia; Klaus Landhaeusser, Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia; Yap Thoong Poh, Managing.Director of Bosch Semiconductor Backend Site; Ong Lee Swee Min, Commercial Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Steering Manufacturing Plant; Sebastian Truong, Commercial Managing Director of Bosch Power Tools Manufacturing Plant; Dr Siegfried Skirl, Outgoing Technical Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Electronic Manufacturing Plant

Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, today celebrated its historic milestone of 100 years in Malaysia with a grand concert celebration held at the SPICE Arena, Penang.

“We are committed to continuing developing our presence in Malaysia with a forward-looking vision driven by ‘Invented for life’. This is only possible with the support from our associates, partners, and customers,” said Klaus Landhaeusser, managing director of Bosch Malaysia.


Business development in Malaysia

As of 31 December 2022, Bosch achieved RM 727 million (157 million euros) in consolidated sales in Malaysia and a healthy growth of 25 percent in local currency compared to its previous year. Business development in Malaysia remains positive, with active sales in the areas of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.

Prior to the concert, Bosch opened its semiconductor test centre in Penang with a total investment of RM1.62 billion (Euro 350 million) up to mid-2030s to strengthen the global supply chain for semiconductors. Out of the 100,000 square metre land, one-fifth of the construction plan is completed and the remainder will be completed in phases for the next 10 years. This opening made Malaysia home to Bosch’s largest manufacturing facility in a single country in Southeast Asia.

To-date, Bosch operates seven entities with nearly 4,200 associates across Selangor and Penang. Among them are four manufacturing plants and three research and development centres in the island of Penang. In addition to semiconductor testing, the plants produce automotive electronics, power tools, and automotive steering.


Malaysia is crucial to Bosch Southeast Asia’s turnover

Malaysia was a top four contributor to Bosch’s strong sales performance in Southeast Asia. Bosch achieved over one-billion-euro revenue in fiscal year 2022 in the ASEAN region. This marked the first time for the company reaching the regional milestone.

The company’s 100th anniversary is also celebrated in Singapore and Thailand in addition to Malaysia this year.


About the concert in Malaysia

Close to 5,000 people signed up for the concert. Titled “Bosch of Ages”, the concert reflected how Bosch has evolved over a century in Malaysia. It showcased Bosch’s transformation from its early days to its present position as a leading global technology leader.

The video presentations highlighted Bosch’s rich history of innovation and technological advancements, beautifully uniting the essence of Bosch’s journey with its deep connection to music in the concert.

“It was a tribute to Bosch’s enduring commitment to innovation, not just in the technology industry but also in the world of music,” said Klaus Landhaeusser, managing director of Bosch Malaysia.


Driving the music industry and local market

The concert was structured into four acts, each featuring a different genre of music representing a distinct period of time. The first act showcased Jazz music which dominated the 1920s to 1930s when Bosch began its global steps to the East, expanding into countries like Malaysia.

The 1940s to 1950s was a period of reconstruction marked by a significant historical and music development period in Malaysia with the rise of Rock and Roll accelerated by Bosch’s invention for automobiles.

The 1960s to 1980s was defined as an era of new business at Bosch, during which the company established its first automotive electronic manufacturing plant in Penang. This period coincided with the island’s emergence as the “Silicon Valley of the East” and witnessed the rise of rock music. Bosch indirectly contributed to the ‘Golden Age of Rock’ as the market leader in in-car entertainment systems, opening the door to a completely new listening experience through cassette decks and stereo radios in cars.

The final act, themed “Globalisation”, featured the 1990s to the present years. This period highlighted Malaysia as an increasingly attractive investment destination for Bosch, leading the company to set up two more manufacturing plants producing power tools and automotive steering. The focus on modern-day pop music, with its diverse styles and the emergence of young Malaysian artists on the international stage, paid tribute to Bosch’s growing trust in the country’s highly-skilled talent pool. This trust was one of the driving factors for Bosch to invest and open one of Asia’s most advanced semiconductor test center in August 2023.

Talented local artists

The concert featured a lineup of talented local artists, including Gerard Singh, Shasha Zainal, Cliff Umar and Jeryl Lee.

Lee, who was the youngest performer, was the first and only Malaysian champion in a Chinese reality singing show. She said, “It is inspiring to see a global technology leader creatively use music to tell its history over the century. I am honoured to be the crescendo of this celebration, connecting the audience to the brand through music.”





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