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Boge Kompressoren has become the first manufacturer in its field to offer lubricant in environmentally-friendly packaging, thanks to the launch of its ‘Lube Cube’, a greener alternative to traditional plastic containers.

Made from a 100 percent recyclable corrugated cardboard outer and a 98 percent recyclable inner, the Lube Cubes boast greater sustainability with their reduced carbon footprint. Once empty, the boxes can be easily flattened and recycled. While the rectangular shape of the Lube Cubes makes stacking and transportation effortless, their ‘anti-glug’ taps ensure quick dispensing of lubricant while eliminating spills and wastes.

At just US$0.08, the disposal of a Lube Cube is significantly lower than that of a 20-litre plastic drum, which can amount to US$4.

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