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Simple, precise, fast processes: these are the requirements of Cartesian robots. They are used for such things as pick-and-place applications, sorting systems and medical technology. igus has now developed a linear and room linear robot for large workspaces. The two new kinematics systems allow users to move up to five kilogrammes. Both linear robots are available directly from stock. They can also be customised to suit the customer application in question – no minimum order quantity.

To survive on the market, both large industrial players and small companies need automated solutions that will quickly pay for themselves. For years, Cartesian robots have been a means of choice in automation technology. They allow users to complete their tasks quickly, easily and cost-effectively. All that is required is a little bit of programming effort. igus’ lubrication-free linear axes developed in several stages are available from as little as €1,800. Depending on the application’s requirements, two-axis linear or flat linear robots and three-axis room linear robots can be selected. At Motek, igus introduced a new line robot and a new room linear robot with an enlarged workspace, which allows users to move even greater loads across an even larger area.


Low Cost Automation with lubrication-free linear robot solutions

The two linear robots consist of pre-configured linear modules, aluminium linear axes, NEMA stepper motors and encoders. The new line robot can transport loads of up to 50 N in a workspace of 800x500mm at a maximum speed of up to 1 m/s. “The investment risk of €2,100 for the line robot is manageable, so that our automated pick-and-place applications for assembly tasks pay for themselves in less than six months. This means that decision makers have a low level of risk”, says Alexander Mühlens, Head of Automation Technology at igus. The new room linear robot is a good option for more complex tasks. It can transport loads of up to 50 N in a workspace of 800x800x500mm at a maximum speed of 0.5 m/s. Two ZLW toothed belt axes and one GRR gear rack axis ensure precise guidance and lubrication-free operation.


For fully automated sorting tasks

The new linear robot solutions are used in pick and place, bin picking and sorting tasks. Most of these processes have been moved to the end of the production line. This was also true at FachPack 2019 in the showcase of SSI Schäfer, the intralogistics specialist. The new drylin room linear robot automated the provision of sensitive products using a transport box with a thermoform insert. The specially developed packaging and the use of a linear robot allowed various coloured handles to be pre-sorted for the production of a household appliance. There are other linear robot use scenarios in microelectronics and automated testing.


Customise room linear robot design

In addition to the stock items, users can assemble their own linear robot with strokes of up to six metres at http://www.igus.eu/robot-enquiry and request a quotation from igus. Depending on customer requirements, axis length and various motors can also be configured with such items as energy chains and cables from igus.






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