The Best Investment For Industry 4.0

The Best Investment For Industry 4.0

Through the following introduction, ICP DAS presents to you the most worthy investments for your factory to step forward into Industry 4.0.

How Do You Step Closer To Industry 4.0?


You may have questions and worry that the implementation of Industry 4.0 must involve purchasing robots, advanced equipment, machines, software and so on. Is there any other practical and economical way to apply Industry 4.0 in my factory? How and where should I start? What are the benefits from it? Most of the factory owners have the same doubts about this questions. Through the following introduction, ICP DAS presents to you the most worthy investments for your factory to step forward into Industry 4.0.

ICP DAS and Microsoft have teamed up to bring you the easiest way to implement the Energy monitoring and management Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud system. The ICP DAS Power Management IoT Kit has been designed to help you seamlessly connect the ICP DAS power meters to the cloud with the Microsoft Azure loT. This kit includes an ICP DAS PMC-5231, an ICP DAS PM-3114-100 4 Loops single-phase Power Meter and a 24W Industrial Power Supply. There is also a LED Indicator and wires to help you set up your energy monitoring and management system. Once your PMC-5231 is connected to Microsoft Azure, you can start visualizing and analyzing your data.

PMC-5231 is a concentrator for the ICP DAS Power Meter for energy monitoring and management systems in the IoT age. It provides flexible integration with ICP DAS power meters and features various functions such as: measuring the power consumption of the devices, data logger, energy usage analysis, power demand management and alarm notification functions. PMC-5231 offers a user-friendly and intuitive website interface that allows users to implement energy monitoring and management systems just with few clicks; no programming necessary. The PMC-5231 also supports a powerful ability for network connection and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure. This allows the administrator to be able to monitor the status of power consumption for each device and perform statistical analysis of the power information, thus improving the overall efficiency for electricity consumption and save costs on utility bills. All of these features make the PMC-5231 a perfect concentrator for the power meter in the energy monitoring and management application for Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud platform in the IoT age.

This year, ICP DAS launches a new function for the ‘wise+line+camera’: The real-time Line message sending with snapshot from the ‘WISE-5231+ IP Camera’ surveillance solution.

WISE-5231 allows connections to ICP DAS iCAM IP Camera series. The setting can be completed in an easy way. With IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules, the connected IP camera can be triggered to take a snapshot or perform video recording; the user can also set up the events of IP Camera for Motion Detection. The image/video files captured can then be sent to WISE-5231 automatically. These image/video files will be displayed on the Calendar and List page of the WISE-5231. To inquire after the image/video files for the corresponding focus event, the user can directly click on the image/video file on the list to review the image/video file on the web page.

In addition, WISE-5231 can perform as the remote backup mechanism to upload the collected image/video files to the remote FTP server automatically. So that the on-site image/video files received on the WISE-5231 can be sent to the back-end control centre; a Database system can also be built to manage these image/video files.

WISE-5231 supports sending LINE messages to a personal LINE account or group chat room via an official LINE Notify account. The LINE message sending function can be triggered by IF-THEN-ELSE rules. Based on the WISE-5231 interface provided, the LINE message content can be preset as a string with real-time I/O channel data. The personal LINE account or group chat rooms to receive the LINE messages can also be specified or edited. In addition, the WISE-5231 can be set to trigger the connected iCAM IP Camera to perform a snapshot with IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules, or it can also set up an event for the IP Camera for Motion Detection, and send back the captured image files automatically to the WISE-5231. And then the snapshot images received by WISE-5231 can be sent to the LINE message.

ICP DAS has been deeply involved in the industrial business for many years and offers an efficient and comprehensive automation solution for the application of industrial control, real-time data, a warning system for earthquakes and hydrology, power monitoring, and video game consoles. ICP DAS has successfully gained worldwide recognition in the field of industrial control and automation.

To maintain the position of technology-leading platform provider, ICP DAS invests heavily in R&D and has an excellent R&D team. Over 110 software and hardware engineers provide the best solutions and innovative products to upgrade the development of the automation industry. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive set of services in U.S., Europe, China etc. ICP DAS always maintains high-quality and reliable products to get worldwide affirmation and support from our clients.

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