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Established since 2001, Industrial Automation Asia (IAA) has emerged as the frontrunner in its industry. Our many achievements include being the first BPA audited automation publication in the region.

Backed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals, IAA is committed to providing quality content for our readership of 37,000 registered professionals per issue, for both print and online. With 8 issues a year, we represent a unique opportunity for organisations to tap into the Asian market. Top level management and purchasers count amongst the key decision makers who read IAA for the latest market trends and technological advancements.

Putting our clients as a priority, we are devoted to maximising their products exposure to the automation industry. Our database is updated constantly, aided by our participation in major conferences and exhibitions around Asia. Available in print, online, and via iPad, we provide convenience to our expanding readership.

Gateway to Asia

With 34,906 registered professionals to our publication, we represent a unique opportunity for organisations to tap into the Asian market. As well as our print edition, our ebook expands our reach to a global audience. Available in print, online and via iPad, we provide convenience to our readership and by recently adding the Philippines to our database, we will be providing an additional market for our clients to reach out to.

Your Digital Footprint

Online display advertising is one of the foundations of digital media. Whether it is a leaderboard, standard banner, portal banner or video display, online advertising keeps your brand in plain sight of online visitors. Online advertising is simple and yet the most cost effective method of gaining exposure among potential customers and creating clicks direct to your website.

Introduction To IAA Digital

IAA’s digital engagement has grown significantly over the past year, with refinements to our website, and digital offerings, such as our e-newsletter, mobile platforms, and social media outreach. Our content is not just relevant but timely.

Increased Viewership

Unique visitors to our website has increased significantly over the past year, with greater engagement and a more dynamic platform. We see this trend increase over the coming months and years as we continue the push to expand our influence and reach in the industry.


Types of platforms:

  • Web: The premier platform for industrial automation in Asia.
  • eBook: 25,200 ebook subscriptions and counting.
  • e-Direct Mailers: Keeping our readership informed of the latest industrial automation news in Asia.
  • Video: Create more dynamism with engaging video content.

Figures Talk

With 130,000 unique traffic over the course of 2016, representing a 300 percent increase from the previous year, IAA is quickly becoming the dominant online platform for the industrial automation space in Asia. Our viewers are increasingly engaged and our reach is expanding every day. Our enquiries have increased alongside our increases in unique traffic and engagement.