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By Ethan Goh, Senior Market Product Engineer, SICK Southeast Asia

Making Changes For A More Sustainable Future

Michael Train of Emerson Electric Co. talks about Sustainability Framework of “Greening Of, Greening By, and Greening With” Emerson, and sustainable opportunities in the ASEAN region.

Redefining Worker Safety In Manufacturing: An IoT-Led Journey Beyond COVID-19

Despite the back-and-forth nature of the fight against COVID-19, we are seeing both industry leaders and regulators talk more about the return to “normalcy” – but normal does not necessarily mean a return to the way things were done, especially in light of the changes and lessons that this epidemic has forced on the industry.


How Small And Growing Logistics Companies Are Realising Big Business Benefits From Automation

An inside look at how technology advancements are making automation solutions more accessible to warehouse and logistic operators of all sizes.


Claroty Opens Regional Headquarters in Singapore

Across Australia and Asia, the industrial cybersecurity company supports companies in the oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, water, and electrical power industries, and of late, the food and beverage sector, and notably, the pharmaceutical sector for the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Greater Jakarta’s Commuter Traffic Upgrades To New Payment And Ticketing Platform

This new ticketing platform developed by Thales is expected to allow two million trips per day.

QUANTRON Showcased Fuel Cell Transporter As Part Of Its Hydrogen Offensive At NUFAM

Quantron AG’s emission-free goods transport for the long haul Q-Light FCEV is unique in Europe as an H2 vehicle in the 3.5-4.2 tonne range.

The Lighthouse Over SEA’s ‘Factory Of The World’

How HP Singapore put sustainability at the centre of its Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) strategy in Southeast Asia.

Ennoconn Group To Digitally Transform Its Manufacturing Systems With Google Cloud

Ennoconn to integrate its Digitalisation-as-a-Service strategy with Google’s advanced cloud solutions and services to create next-gen digital industrial products and new revenue models.

Market Debut In Asia: DPO Launches “National Milk” In SIG Carton Packs With SIGNATURE Packaging Material

Dairy Farming Promotion Organisation of Thailand (DPO) has introduced a new “National Milk” product range in SIG’s on-the-go combiblocXSlim carton packs with SIGNATURE Full Barrier packaging material, where the small amount of polymers used is linked to certified forest-based renewable materials – an innovation in Asia.

Schneider Electric Introduces New Sulfur Hexafluoride-Free Switchgear

The new sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)-free Switchgear enables companies in Singapore to eliminate the world’s most potent greenhouse gas.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Launches Robotics Research & Innovation Centre

The Robotics Research & Innovation Centre (RRIC) is launched to co-create customised robotics solutions with industry and develop talent pipeline for the growing sector.

IES-INCA Seals Partnerships With BOP Hub To Boost Technology Commercialisation In Singapore

The IES-Incubator and Accelerator (IES-INCA), Singapore’s deep tech incubator for entrepreneurial engineers, announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BOP Hub Ltd, an incubator for Social Enterprise businesses operating in base-of-the-pyramid communities throughout Asia.

TBM Council Launches Asia-Pacific Chapter, Appoints Industry Experts to Regional Advisory Board

The TBM Council APAC was formed to cultivate a regional community of technology and financial leaders who leverage data on cost, consumption, quality and performance to improve alignment and continuously optimise technology spend.

Improve Factory Productivity With NEC’s New Video Analysis Technology

A new video analysis technology, “Value-added Time Measurement Solution,” from NEC Corporation promotes quality control and locates production bottlenecks.


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