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By Ethan Goh, Senior Market Product Engineer, SICK Southeast Asia

Making Changes For A More Sustainable Future

Michael Train of Emerson Electric Co. talks about Sustainability Framework of “Greening Of, Greening By, and Greening With” Emerson, and sustainable opportunities in the ASEAN region.

Redefining Worker Safety In Manufacturing: An IoT-Led Journey Beyond COVID-19

Despite the back-and-forth nature of the fight against COVID-19, we are seeing both industry leaders and regulators talk more about the return to “normalcy” – but normal does not necessarily mean a return to the way things were done, especially in light of the changes and lessons that this epidemic has forced on the industry.


How Small And Growing Logistics Companies Are Realising Big Business Benefits From Automation

An inside look at how technology advancements are making automation solutions more accessible to warehouse and logistic operators of all sizes.


Changhong CHiQ To Enter Indonesian Market With Release Of Signature Smart TV Series

The smart home appliances brand CHiQ will enter the Indonesian market with the goal of making available to the country’s shoppers products that raise the bar both in the terms of ease-of-use as well as intelligence.

Low Carbon Society For Kuala Lumpur: From Blueprint To Implementation

A low carbon city is a society where people collaborate and put efforts into reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, whether emitted from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or from commercial and industrial activities.

Industry Leaders And Organisations Are Calling For Full Decarbonisation Of International Shipping By 2050

Signatories of the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonisation urge world leaders to align shipping with the Paris Agreement temperature goal.

Strong Appetite For Innovation In The Philippines

Emerging countries like the Philippines is a thriving, vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Natural Gas As A Key Alternative Energy Source In Sustainable Renewable Energy Transition

This mini review highlights the technological pathways of utilizing natural gas in a transition to sustainable renewable energy systems, with a focus on the natural gas components and resources point of view for ASEAN member states.

Safer, Fuel Cell-Powered Drones?

The alliance establishes Iris Automation as exclusive detect and avoid technology provider.

Keep Charging, Stop Changing: Crown Presents Its New V-Force lithium-ion Technology

Crown’s V-Force Energy Storage Systems (ESS) include lithium-ion batteries and chargers and are now available for Crown’s entire forklift truck portfolio.

GlobalData Predicts Future Robotics Unicorns

Right from healthcare, customer service, security patrols, and education and entertainment, startups are offering robotics-enabled solutions ranging from last mile delivery to industrial automation.

ADM Expands Global Nutrition Capabilities With Advanced Flavor Production Facility in Pinghu, China

The Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) unveils the ADM Food Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd., a fully automated flavor production facility situated in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, China.

INTEGRA Automated Pipetting Solutions Assist Antibiotic Development

INTEGRA’s automated liquid handling solutions can streamline routine pipetting tasks for more efficient and accelerated workflows.


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