IAA Feb/Mar 2015


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Connecting Smart Cities The Smart Way
update on 2015-03-13

Wireless networks are an important component in realising Singapore’s dream of becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. By Michael Lok, MD, South East Asia, Ruckus Wireless.

Rethinking Security
update on 2015-03-13

IAA interviewed Mordecai Rosen, Chief Operating Officer, Xceedium; and Jay Zimmet, executive VP, global sales, Xceedium on their company, privileged identity management, and the future of security. By Mark Johnsto

Weight Reduction In Factory Automation
update on 2014-12-18

With the concern surrounding global warming and the depletion of underground resources such as oil, it is urgent to tackle energy savings and CO2 reduction. Contributed by K Tokunaga, Misumi South East Asia

Encoder 2.0
update on 2014-12-18

The development of non-contact inductive universal encoders has offered high resolution and wear-free operation, and at the same time immunity to magnetic fields. By Michael Troska, product specialist for linear position sensors and encoders, Turck

Higher Connectivity: Enabling Mobility & Productivity
update on 2014-12-18

IAA interviewed Ryan Goh, VP of Sales, Zebra Technologies (Asia Pacific) on their participation in Cards & Payments Asia, Logistics & Supply Chain, and their recent acquisition of Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise Business. By Mark Johnston

Schunk Coming Into Grips With SEA
update on 2014-10-13

A German manufacturer of clamping and gripping solutions has recently set up a regional base in Singapore. By Joson Ng

Developing 3D NAND Architecture
update on 2014-09-14

As 2D semiconductor device scaling approaches its limit, the third dimension offers the means to extend scaling by leveraging precision materials engineering. 3D technology holds the promise of lowering costs by enabling higher bit density, a fundamental requirement for memory.

An Open Future For 3D Printing
update on 2014-09-14

IAA interviewed Chris Lee, senior sales leader at Autodesk (ASEAN), on manufacturing, 3D printing and his company’s open source platform to help accelerate the field. By Mark Johnston

Asian NFC Landscape In 2014
update on 2014-09-14

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a versatile technology, used at Point-Of-Sales (POS) for quick payments and on transportation networks for convenient travelling.

Reshaping Instrumentation
update on 2014-09-14

IAA visited the National Instruments plant in Penang, Malaysia, to speak with executives and be introduced to the company’s latest instrument. By Mark Johnston

Defects: A Vanishing Occurrence?
update on 2014-09-14

The manufacturing industry in Singapore has grown over the years to become one of the largest sectors in the country, contributing 21 percent of Singapore’s GDP in 2013, an estimated US$60 billion.

Resourcing Asia
update on 2014-09-14

IAA interviewed Patrick Couzinet, executive VP of business development, Veolia on his company’s technology and trends in the water/waste water sector. By Mark Johnston

Keeping Change In Sight
update on 2014-08-07

IAA interviewed Lawrence Liu, GM, Agilent Technologies on the rebranding of Agilent Technologies’ electronic measurement group into Keysight Technologies. By Mark Johnston

Engineering For Extreme Environments
update on 2014-08-07

Environmental conditions need to be taken into account during the design process of engineering projects, especially those in vital sectors, such as energy. By Jeremy Lee, regional manager (Southeast Asia & Taiwan), Moog

Advantages Of Data Logging Systems
update on 2014-08-07

The data logger has many advantages over a recorder or data acquistion system. These advantages will be discussed. By Omega Engineering

Industrial Machinery In Southeast Asia To Take A Digital Manufacturing Path
update on 2014-08-07

Manufacturers in this region should know that digital manufacturing is an important component within PLM and it is a tool to help them stay relevant and competitive. By Rajiv Ghatikar, VP and GM, ASEAN and Australasia, Siemens PLM Software

Accessibility To Sensing Technology
update on 2014-06-17

In today’s rapidly changing market having a fast response time and direct control over stock close at hand is a valuable asset. IAA spoke with Derek Chua, regional sales and marketing manager, Contrinex (SEA) on his company’s newly established Asia Logistics operation, of which he is the director. By Mark Johnston

The Versatility Of Water
update on 2014-06-17

The chemical industry relies heavily on water both as a raw material and a source of energy generation.

Solving Water Scarcity
update on 2014-05-08

Scarcity represents a challenge for many developing regions of the world today.

Water Industry: High Value Automation
update on 2014-05-08

Water companies are evolving

Beware Of Suspect Devices
update on 2014-04-03

Attacks involving the ‘Internet of Things’ are becoming a reality. By Steve McWhirter, VP, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa Sales, Check Point Software Technologies

Deciding The Path Forward
update on 2014-04-03

The Fieldbus Foundation has brought together organisations with the purpose of advancing Fieldbus technology.

Building Efficiency In Asia
update on 2014-04-03

Chiller technology is an important component in improving energy efficiency within buildings, IAA spoke with Larry Kouma, product management director, Asia Chiller Solutions, Johnson Controls, on the technology and the company’s presence in Asia. By Mark Johnston

Quality Pays Off
update on 2014-04-03

How important is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in mobile strategies?

How To Design Networks For Plant-Wide Communication
update on 2014-04-03

An integrated zone cabling plan can slash network deployment time by up to 75 percent, cut down on material and labour costs, and allow for future expansion

Brave New World In 3D Solid Modelling
update on 2014-04-03

3D design software can release creativity among users new to 3D and offer possibilities for engineers from concept design through to manufacturing

Italy Takes Aim At Southeast Asia
update on 2014-04-03

Not satisfied with their endeavours in China, Italian machine builders are now casting their sights on Southeast Asia. By Joson Ng

The Outlook For Asia And M2M Communications
update on 2014-02-19

IAA spoke with Thomas Herrmann, VP Sales Asia-Pacific, Gemalto on M2M technology and the regional outlook for 2014. By Mark Johnston

Cloud Computing for SCADA
update on 2014-02-19

Moving all or part of SCADA applications to the cloud can cut costs significantly while dramatically increasing reliability and scalability.

Security For Industrial Automation
update on 2014-02-19

IAA spoke with Mohan Ramanathan, enterprise solutions architect at McAfee, on cybersecurity in the industrial automation space.

A Strategy For Asia
update on 2014-02-19

IAA spoke with Rajiv Ghatikar, VP and GM for ASEAN and Australasia, Siemens PLM Software on the economic outlook for 2014 and his company’s plans for the coming year.

The Driving Force
update on 2013-12-09

IAA spoke with the executives at Rockwell Automation to understand the concept behind its latest drive introduction, the PowerFlex 520 series, and the company’s future endeavours. By Joson Ng

Case Study: Setting New Standards
update on 2013-10-09

A 30,000 A power supply unit sets new performance and energy efficiency standards. Contributed by David Chia, MD, Beckhoff Automation

Power Management in a Power Hungry World
update on 2013-10-09

Addressing oil & gas exploration and production challenges with technology. By Gardiner Henderson, global director, Oil & Gas, Eaton

Ethernet Cable: A Guideline To Implementing Solid or Stranded Cables
update on 2013-07-31

With businesses becoming increasingly more communication-centric, virtually every industry is now relying on industrial Ethernet technology to network critical devices and control systems as well as to enhance process automation and improve efficiency. By April Ankrum, senior product manager, Turck

Optimising PLC Network Performance And Management
update on 2013-06-13

Three facets of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) network optimisation can ensure network availability, simplify network monitoring and configuration, and maximise network flexibility. By Gary Chang, product manager, and Mark Wu, technical writer, Moxa

IAA At MTA 2013
update on 2013-06-13

IAA caught up with Jackson Chew, territory manager of igus Singapore at MTA 2013 to talk about the company’s new products at the show, as well as its plans for the ASEAN region. By Joson Ng

Wave Of Insight: Managing Complexity
update on 2013-05-05

IAA spoke with Paul English, marine vertical leader, GE Power Conversion on the company’s involvement in the marine sector. By Mark Johnston

SIAF 2013
update on 2013-01-06

SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou will be returning once again at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China from March 4-6, 2013. The show is an annual event for regional professionals to acquire solutions for their automation systems.

The Forklift Of The Future: Integrating Voice, And Barcoding Technologies
update on 2012-09-17

Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in the life of manufacturers, enabling more efficient processes and cost savings. By Mike Muller, VP and GM, Intermec (Asia Pacific)

Focusing On Asia
update on 2012-06-25

IAA spoke with Robin Chao, regional sales director, Epicor Software (Southeast Asia) on his new role and Epicor’s business prospects in Asia. By Mark Johnston

New Vision For Siemens
update on 2012-06-25

IAA spoke with Jizheng Zhao, manager, Teamcenter Marketing, Siemens PLM Software (Asia Pacific) on the launch of the Teamcenter 9 and what we can expect from this edition. By Mark Johnston

Making Asia Local
update on 2012-06-25

IAA spoke with Jan Lont, VP, Weidmuller (Asia Pacific), on his company and its activities and outlook in Asia. By Mark Johnston

Cloudy Issues Explained
update on 2012-05-12

Anubhav Saxena and Stanimira Koleva dispel some misconceptions on cloud computing. By Joson Ng

Towards A Smart Future
update on 2012-05-12

IAA spoke with Frederic Luu, VP, sales and marketing (EMEA and Asia), Digi, where he shared more about the company and its future growth. By Mark Johnston

IC Design With Dr Surya Bhattacharya
update on 2012-05-12

IAA spoke with Dr Surya Bhattacharya, director of industry development, IME, on 3D-IC design and future developments in the semiconductor industry. By Mark Johnston

Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum 2012
update on 2012-05-12

The heavyweights of the aviation world descended on Singapore for a round of technical exchange and at the same time, explored business opportunities with local companies. By Joson Ng

Safety As A Priority
update on 2012-02-25

IAA spoke with Paul Gruhn of ICS Triplex, a company acquired by Rockwell Automation. Mr Gruhn is a safety expert and ISA fellow with many years experience in the oil and gas industry.

Industry Eye 2012: Executive Opinion
update on 2012-02-25

Q: What major challenges do you foresee for your industry over the next 12 months, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Market Outlook 2011
update on 2011-12-19

As the year comes to a close we look ahead to 2012. With great economic uncertainty in the world we must prepare and understand the risks but also the opportunities that lie ahead. By Mark Johnston

Green Shipbuilding: Benefiting The Builders & The Environment
update on 2011-12-19

The green measures imposed on shipbuilders not only help in reducing harmful emissions but also act as a sustainable building measure, which results in the production of more reliable ships. By Amreet Singh

CAD/CAM Partnership Continues To Blossom With Product Launch
update on 2011-12-19

SeaCAD and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks release the 2012 version of the design software. By Shahnawaz Abdul Hamid

The Importance Of Regulations
update on 2011-12-19

During IndoPower 2011, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, which Tüv Süd helped to sponsor, IAA spoke with Richard Hong, the senior VP, Industry Service, Real Estate & Certification, and the global ICM director, about ICM and the nature of regulation in today’s fast changing environment. By Mark Johnston

Metalworking From Your Cell Phone
update on 2011-10-31

The machining apps in smartphones allow it to make the transition from a communication device to a tool in the machine shop, adding mobility to machining. By Michael E Neumann

Bosch Rexroth Case Study: New Metrology For New Strategy
update on 2011-10-31

A shift in production strategy can be facilitated by precise metrological equipment. By Birgit Albrecht, marketing manager, Hexagon Metrology

PLM In Red Bull Racing
update on 2011-10-31

Industrial Automation Asia speaks to Steve Nevey, relationship manager, Red Bull Racing to find out ?PLM’s role in the world of Formula One racing.

The Aerospace Industry And Social Computing
update on 2011-08-09

The world of technology is becoming more social with greater collaboration taking place constantly.

The Importance Of Defining PLM
update on 2011-08-09

Arriving at a comprehensive definition of PLM is essential if manufacturers are to experience the complete range of the solutions benefits. By Vi Kellersohn, VP marketing, and Tom Shoemaker, VP solutions marketing, PTC