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San Francisco, US: Thundersoft, a smart device operating system and platform technology provider, has announced support for AWS Greengrass software on its advanced Edge Computing Solution, which includes the ThunderConnect gateway, a ready-for-commercialisation product based on Qualcomm Technologies’ APQ8016 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 410) application SoC. The company’s Edge Computing Solution makes IoT in enterprise reliable, protected and efficient, particularly in applications including building automation, manufacturing, retail monitoring, logistics and others.

Utilising AWS Greengrass computing capabilities at the edge devices, some tasks can be brought closely to data sources. Such tasks can be data preprocessing: tokenisation, encryption, transformation, aggregation, etc. before it reached the AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud Solution also can cache the data if the Cloud connection is not available.

Edge computing is a distributed information technology architecture in which customers’ data is processed on the edge of the network or in the device itself, close to the originating data source. It not only makes all the local compute, messaging and data caching for connected devices more efficient, but also improves time-to-action and reduces response latency. Thus, edge computing requires highly integrated solutions to support the complete architecture.

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